Decorating Your House Inside and Out for Halloween: 6 Spooky Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Decorating Your House Inside and Out for Halloween: 6 Spooky Decoration Ideas For Your Home
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    Here are a few ideas for cool indoor Halloween decorations and a few ideas for creepy outdoor Halloween decorations.



Halloween is just around the corner and everyone is up and down trying to find creative ways to decorate their houses and homes in preparation for the festivities. It is time to also get ready and spook up your home with Halloween décor for inside and outside.

Halloween décor for inside and outside can be quite demanding on the pocket. However, there are also a number of ideas that can help you create effective Halloween indoor and outdoor décor and will not leave your bank account empty.

Halloween Décor for Indoors

Celebrations are always a great time to change the feel and the look of your home and Halloween is no different. There are quite a lot of ways that you can create that Halloween decor for your house and have all your family and visitors enjoy the event. Indoor décor is vital because it creates the mood for Halloween festivities in the house. You can consider the following ideas:


For an indoor Halloween party, the way you set your lights in the house is very significant in creating the right mood for celebration. A Halloween party can be very successful and memorable if you consider having candles everywhere and some dim lighting. You can also leave some of the corners in your house with almost no light at all. It is a great way to enjoy an indoor Halloween party by having a little lighting in the house.


Halloween pumpkins have been used for decades in these festivities. They are said to symbolize the need for protection. Consider carving pumpkins into scary faces and placing them at the windows to wade away the evil spirits. You can also use pumpkins with a series of horror movies and scary stories to create that overcast feeling for the party attendees.


Orange and black are colors used to set up the Halloween mood. A blend of orange and black colored pillow patterns can be used to create this mood in a modern home without having to use so much money.

Halloween Outside Décor

We have a range of great inexpensive Halloween outdoor décor that will transform your whole backyard into a spooky exhibit.

Ghostly trees

If you have trees in your backyard you can transform them into tree spooky faces. Just craft a couple of eyes, nose and mouth for every tree and place them on the tree trunks. To attract more attention to your scary Ghostly trees, get portable speakers, put on your favorite music and place them close to the trees.

Creepy backyard cemetery

You can use materials like cardboards or carton boxes and paint to create your ghostly backyard cemetery for Halloween outside décor. Simply cut the cartons into varied shapes and paint them to look like very old tombstones. Display them on the yard lawn to look like a real cemetery. You can use more tombstones to create a pathway to your creepy cemetery where people will have a thrilling nocturnal walk.

Creepy glows

If you have a swimming pool or a pond in your backyard you can creatively use it to create ghostly creepy Halloween displays. Just take some brightly colored latex gloves and put glowing sticks in them when they are slightly inflated. Tie them well and drop them in your pool or pond for the Halloween night. That will be one creepy display glowing hands that will leave everyone with a memorable Halloween experience.


Halloween is a great time to get that spooky display into your home. Halloween décor for inside and outside is very significant in creating the mood. These ideas are very creative and will give you a terrific Halloween experience. It is great to share these Halloween décor ideas with your friends. Let’s see what everyone experiences from these interesting crafts and decorations.




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