How to Save on a Patio Remodel

How to Save on a Patio Remodel
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    When the warmer weather is around, it’s nice to spend time outdoors.

    For some homeowners, this means spending time in an outdoor area that includes a patio.


If you currently don’t have a patio, or if your current patio is very dated, then you’ll want to consider renovating this area to provide you with more space to enjoy. If you are contemplating a patio remodel, you’ll understand that cost is involved, so how can you save on a patio remodel?

By using these five tips below, you’ll see first-hand how to save on a patio remodel and get the outdoor space you want that fits within your budget.

1. Use the right materials

When it comes to building a patio, you have plenty of options. You can opt for a concrete patio, or you can use other materials like paver blocks or a simple aggregate like pea gravel.

What you’ll want to do to save on your patio remodel, though, is use the material that is the least expensive, but factor in both short- and long-term costs.

For instance, concrete may be more expensive upfront, but it requires less maintenance, which is a long-term cost savings.

You can also determine if there’s a way to re-use your current patio. If you already have a patio in your home, see what you can do to spruce it up.

If it’s concrete, you could try to stain it to give it a fresh look. If it’s pavers, try to replace those that are dated or re-use pavers after you pull them up. All of these options will deliver a better savings to you, making your patio remodel easier and less expensive.

2. Handle certain portions yourself

There are a variety of tasks needed to handle a patio remodel and doing most of the work yourself can be a cost savings for you. For instance, if your patio remodel requires you to dig up old pavers or stones, doing this yourself or with friends or family will save you money instead of paying someone to do it.

If there are other factors of the patio remodel you need completed, such as building a patio cover or planting flowers, you’ll want to try and tackle this on your own too to save money.


3. Don’t go overboard

If you really want to keep the cost of your patio down, then you need to be realistic with what you need and don’t need. For instance, find furniture for the best price instead of overpaying for something or opting for something you won’t actually use. In addition, don’t go overboard with the design and functionality of your space either.

If you won’t use it often, you can keep your patio smaller in size, which means less material needed. Also, if you don’t cook often enough, or if you live in an area that is cold most of the time, then an outdoor kitchen may not be the best idea either.

Oversized patios and outdoor kitchens will only add to the overall expense of your patio, so it’s not necessary if you’re trying to reduce cost. Should you find a need for additional space or a kitchen down the line, then you can consider adding it on.

4. Buy materials at the right time

Like clothing, certain building materials go on sale during different seasons. If you want to save money on outdoor materials, then you may want to stock up in the fall or winter. Since these seasons typically come with colder temperatures, stores want to get rid of material to make room for those that will be used more often in the cold. If you have a place where you can store materials for a few months, or if you feel like building a patio in the winter, then opt to buy your supplies during the right time.

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5. Barter

Sometimes your patio remodel will require materials or skills you don’t have, and instead of paying money, why not try to barter? For instance, maybe you can provide a skill or service for someone in exchange for their help with your patio remodel. This way, you’re keeping your costs down and reciprocating a helping hand when necessary.

Patio remodels are a great way to increase your outdoor entertainment space or just spend more time in nature. If you are considering a patio remodel, these tips will help you find the best possible way to tackle this project with the lowest cost possible.

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