Building A Patio Cover – What You Need To Know

Building A Patio Cover – What You Need To Know
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    When it comes to designing any yard or patio space, a popular addition is the patio cover.

    However, you can’t just place it any old place in the yard without consideration.


Particularly, there are many types of patio cover to consider, as well as the placement of the patio cover, and finally the function of the patio cover. Not all patio covers are equal at all in their design, function, and particularly price. Therefore, it’s extremely important to be at least aware of a few considerations when building a patio cover.

This article will be covering considerations of; patio cover locations, patio cover size, and patio cover styles.


Besides the obvious notion that a patio cover should be built over a patio, where you place your patio cover is extremely important. Typically, patio covers are built connected to houses which creates a shaded area in the yard that is attached to the house. However, you can be more creative in the placement of your patio cover.

By building away from the house, you can create a more open and inviting space under your patio cover since there are no walls pressing in on anyone under it. Yes, this does mean that if it’s raining, you cannot go under your patio cover unless you either have an umbrella or invest and build a covered path to the patio cover.

Additionally, consider the path the sun typically takes over your home throughout the year. There are a variety of free ways to check this. By considering the sun, you can consider where the shaded areas of your patio will fall.

Finally, carefully consider the design of your yard and where the patio cover will fall and how it will affect the design appeal of the yard overall. Putting a major element like a patio cover should enhance a yard rather than overwrite and overshadow any existing elements.

For instance, if your yard serves as a place where you can serve meals outdoors, it makes sense to build one over the seating area rather than a distant corner that has no function in serving food. By adding patio screens to it for example, you are basically building an outdoor sanctuary, with added protection from the sun and bugs.


The size of your patio cover is an extremely important consideration when designing it. If you build too much cover over your yard, you can lose the connection to the sky and create a cramped feeling. Conversely, if you build a patio cover that’s too small, then it may not serve a functional purpose. Besides the horizontal size, carefully consider the patio cover’s height.

The taller you build it, the more stability it requires at the bottom to make that patio cover safe. So make sure when you’re designing your patio cover, you’re taking into account not just the area above your head, but the area below it. Support beams and foundations take up yard space in construction.

patio cover

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We recommend you keep careful track of vegetation in your yard when deciding on the size of your patio cover – particularly keep track of trees. Trees continue to grow as time goes on and if you want to keep your tree, you need to plan for a future where a larger tree and your patio cover coexist peacefully rather than clashing. There’s nothing more tragic than having to cut down a tree because it accidentally threatens to damage your beautiful patio cover. This is especially true if you’ve been caring for that tree for years and cultivating it carefully the whole time. Plan ahead, and you’ll be set.

Types of Patio Cover

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There are several patio covers available and each has their own distinct advantages. But one of the most important considerations in choice is whether your patio cover will have an open or solid roof. This choice determines the amount of protection that your patio cover will provide from the elements.

Solid patio cover roofs will maximize the amount of shade you receive, but if built incorrectly, can create a cramped feeling. Open roof designs for patio covers are remarkably freeing and create a sense of levity for people sitting underneath them, but will not save you from the rain.

For additional tips and information you can contact insulated patio systems Sunshine Coast based experts.

We hope that this article helped raise in your mind some of the basic considerations you should have when deciding on or designing a patio cover. Ultimately, you should begin the project after considering your current patio, your environment, and your desired function for your patio cover. Consider the future as well, and you’ll have a patio cover you and your future generations and their future generations can be proud of for years to come.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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