Remodel Your Security When You Renovate Your Home

Remodel Your Security When You Renovate Your Home
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    When was the last time that you reviewed the security measures in your home?

    Never maybe because life is very busy?

    You are probably like the rest of us and just do things as necessary, which is good in the short term but doesn’t give your home an overall safety plan.


Why not remodel your security when you renovate your home. I’s a great opportunity to update the essential security aspects of your home whilst you already have contractors working at your premises.

Solid External Doors

Are your external doors solid? Or would they be easy for a potential burglar to kick in? What about glass, do you have glass paneling next to the front door that can be easily shattered? Flimsy external doors and glass panels are a significant security risk in your home.
Add strong external doors and consider replacing glass to improve the safety of your home.

Security Cameras

Discrete security cameras, inside and out, help you keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world. When they are connected to the internet, you can log in and see your home footage on your phone or PC. What a great way to watch the progress of your renovations as well.

Tired Old Locks

Locks wear out over time and become less effective. If the locks on your external doors are old and easy to access, replace them urgently. You may want to consider digital locks that don’t need keys for access or can be accessed via an app on your Smartphone.
Talk to a security professional about all of the available options to find the one that suits you the best.

Solid Window Locks

Windows can be an easy access point for intruders. Often locks are simple to open from the outside to allow access to your home. Add solid locks to all of your windows, even upstairs if you have a second floor, and make sure that you lock them up when you are out or asleep.

Motion Sensitive Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights for most homes are the light directly outside the front door that shines a pool of light on the doorstep with very little illumination elsewhere. Installing outdoor lights in both your front and backyards that turn on when motion is detected help to deter intruders and alert you if someone is there.

Take into account family pets when deciding on the best installation.

CNET Top 5 – DIY home security systems:

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Neat Yard

Messy and overgrown yards can be a haven for would be thieves, keep your yard tidy especially around windows and doors to remove any cover someone attempting to break in would have.

Security System

Do you have a security system protecting your house 24/7? Installing an advanced system that ties together all of your security elements is ideal. With your monitoring in one place you can monitor everything on one dashboard rather than accessing different apps.

Security systems are available for all budgets. Before you buy, decide on the features that you need to properly secure your home. Then talk to security professionals to get the best system for your price range.

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Sara works as a content strategist at Five Star Locksmiths (Melbourne). Five Star Locksmiths provides 24-hour locksmith services in Melbourne’s CBD and its suburbs.

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