Six Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security

Six Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security
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    Your home should be your castle. Learn how to keep it that way with these helpful home security hacks.


1. Motion Detection Lights

There’s a clear connection between good lighting and lower crime rates. One New York-based study suggested that better illuminated streets reduce crime by almost 40%. Place motion detection triggered lights around your back yard, pathways, garage areas, and any other outdoor structures. By increasing the likelihood of detecting intruders, you should be able to deter them.

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2. Security System

No home is truly safe without some sort of automated security system. How much you invest in this will depend on crime in your area. Research recent crime statistics and install a system based on the threat level.

Electronics specialists like The Wires Zone are a good starting point, offering everything from basic security cameras to a fully automated system with professional monitoring support.

3. Secure Wi-Fi

As home life migrates to the online world, so does crime. The USA accounts for a staggering 28% of global smart home attacks. It’s important to think about digital protection, especially if you’re using a digital security system to keep yourself safe.

Keeping hackers off your home network means creating strong passwords, using a firewall, installing anti-virus and anti-malware programs, hiding your home network and enabling password protection for your router.

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4. Strong Doors

34% of burglars get into properties via the front door, which is why it’s vital to ensure your front door has a robust frame and protected hinges. Another important tip is to make sure any mail slots aren’t a vulnerability. If someone can reach a hand in there, there’s a chance they could unlock your door from the outside in.

Some quick fixes to shore up your doorway are investing in a smart lock, adding a deadbolt and improving your security with a video doorbell. Any one of these things should be enough to deter even the most determined of burglars.

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5. Upgraded Locks

Windows are another common entry point for burglars, as basic window locks are often cheap and ineffective. If you have a double hung window, this is no match for an intruder with a crowbar. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to outfox them: pin locks.

When you’ve secured your windows with upgraded locks, you could add window bars, reinforce glass with security film and think about installing window sensors. Growing bushes under first floor windows is another home security hack that will spruce up your yard as well.

6. A Small Safe

An in-home safe is a secure storage solution for your most valuable possessions: jewelry, identity documents, spare car keys, etc.

Any good safe will be water- and fire-resistant, and it should be too heavy for thieves to pick up and walk off with.

Beyond this, look for redundant locks (two locks on the same unit), and decide if you want an anchored or portable safe. There’s a world of options out there.

Some of the more expensive models on the market have biometric opening systems such as fingerprint and iris recognition.

7. Look to Your Neighbor

When it comes to preventing home robberies and burglaries, it’s all about deterrence and putting up as many obstacles for would-be criminal, with one important caveat. If you go over the top with security, then you’re sending out a signal that you’re harboring something worthy of that level of protection. You might just accidentally end up drawing the criminal’s attention straight to your house.

On the other hand, if you can pull together a slightly better security setup than your neighbors, then burglars are likely to pass you over in favor of an easier target.

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