Mold and Mildew: How to Prevent Your Home from Becoming a Health Risk

Mold and Mildew: How to Prevent Your Home from Becoming a Health Risk


However, many molds species can cause anything from respiratory illnesses to complete systemic illnesses that can even be fatal. Here is how to protect your home from becoming a mold health risk.

Mold Food

Mold food, not moldy food, is what fungal strains eat to survive. Molds require three things to grow; heat, moisture and organic material. Your home provides the heat all year round, and moisture can be anything from elevated humidity to a wet basement.

The organic material is found in most of the products that make up the infrastructure of your home. Your home likely uses a lot of wood products in its construction from the framing to even the paper covering on drywall. Mold has plenty of organic material to eat in most any home from the wall studs and floor joists to natural fibers used in decorating.

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Mold Spores

Fungi spread through tiny spores that are in the air all around us. Mold spores are found in outdoor as well as indoor spaces. You would need a hermetically sealed house and access door to prevent all mold spores from entering your home.

Plus, every person would have to go through a biohazard cleanup process to rid their bodies and clothing of mold spores every time they attempted to enter the home. Even the food you bring in has mold spores already on it. There is no practical way to prevent mold spores from entering your home, but you can keep it from settling and growing.

Dry Spaces

Wet environments exist in your home. The most obvious is the bathroom where you bathe and shower, and you probably have actually seen mold before. It is not uncommon to see mold beginning to grow in a shower, as it is the place where the spores are washed off bodies and collect on moist warm surfaces of the walls and floors.

Using the bathroom vent to lower humidity during and after showers helps keep mold growth in check. Checking underneath sinks for even the slightest leaks from plumbing, especially garbage disposals, can prevent mold from growing. Also ensure that you repair any roof issues, as a leaky roof is a prime recipe for an abundance of moisture. Trinity Contracting & Construction and similar service providers can analyze your roof and repair any leaks.

If you do not have liquid water that gets into your basement through the walls and floors, you may have concentrated water vapor that significantly raises humidity levels. Basement drying methods, including using a heavy-duty dehumidifier, help to stop mold growth.

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HVAC Air Purifiers

There are HEPA and electrostatic air filtration methods that can be installed on forced-air heating and cooling systems that trap mold spores. Ultraviolet air treatment lamps installed in ductwork can kill mold spores and bacteria as well.

This double approach can control mold spores that are floating around in the indoor air you are breathing. The fewer the spores, the less chance of mold taking a foothold and growing. An indoor air quality expert can recommend the most effective mold spore control for your home.

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Inorganic Construction

If you are renovating or otherwise making any space in your home that is below ground into a habitable space, you should have an experienced construction firm develop the space and not use materials that are made of wood or other natural fibers.

There are beautiful options for creating modern, fashionable and functional living spaces in basements that do not require the use of organic materials. This includes ceiling, wall and flooring systems, including carpeting that can actually be flooded with water and still not provide a food source for mold to grow.

Since you cannot realistically prevent mold spores from entering your home, the best options for preventing your home from becoming a mold health risk is to control moisture and limit the amount of organic materials used in areas where moisture can become an issue. Mold prevention is much more cost-effective than mold remediation later on.

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