Simple Ways You Can Keep Pollutants And Dirt Out Of Your Home

Simple Ways You Can Keep Pollutants And Dirt Out Of Your Home
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    Everyone wants to keep their home clean and free of dirt and pollutants as much possible.

    Along with noticeable dirt particles, every homeowner should be aware of microscopic allergens and pollutants that can infiltrate their domains.


Short of living in a bubble, dirt seems to be a fact of life. However, by taking certain precautions, you can greatly reduce the amount of both seen and unseen pollutants and dirt within the air and fabric of your home. Here are a few easy to implement measures to get you started.

The Shoe Room

Many cultures embrace the custom of removing outdoor footwear before proceeding very far into any indoor space. The concept is so firmly engrained that architectural designs incorporate space for this as a matter of course. Have a dedicated entry space with a hard floor, which is easier to keep clean than carpet, for the removal of shoes and outer-wear, such as coats. Even if you have small children, this can be a great way for cutting down on tracked-in dirt.

Indoor/Outdoor Clothes

It may seem odd, but you bring dirt and pollutants into your home on your clothes as well as your footwear. If you sit, lean, or travel through heavily-trafficked areas, you’re bringing it with you and putting it on your couch, in your bed, or anywhere else you go within the home. Make it a practice to change clothing when you return from work. Put on comfortable clothes that are not worn outside the house, and so not exposed to substances that are air born or on public surfaces.

Clean Your Furnace

It should be something you have done on a yearly basis. As a part of fall or spring cleaning, you can contact professionals to have your furnace cleaned. This reduces the number of airborne pollutants being pumped into your home in the colder months. It can be augmented by making sure your filters are cleaned, if reusable, or replaced with fresh ones every six months to a year. When choosing a filter, be sure it is rated to catch the allergens to which you may be sensitive. Filters are classified based on the size of the particles they catch.

Wash Linens Furniture Regularly

While it’s important to wash blankets and bed sheets often, many people forget give the same attention to drapes and furniture. Be sure wash couch covers and vacuum to keep allergens and dust to a minimum. Bed sheets and drapes should be washed in hot water.

There are many ways to help ensure that your home remains as clean as possible. Some are easier to implement than others, depending on your lifestyle, whether you have small children or many pets, and how often you venture into areas that are densely populated for work or play. Keeping your home’s air supply as clean as possible is, of course, the first line of defense you should consider, because it’s often the pollutants and dirt you can’t see that are the biggest problem.

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