Winter Repairs Made Easy: What Not to Fear This Year

Winter Repairs Made Easy: What Not to Fear This Year
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    Winter has historically been a season of great uncertainty for any homeowner.

    The icy wind and the weight of the snow can have some truly unexpected results for a home, and some of those repairs can get extremely pricey.


However, there is a way to avoid the need for repairs or at the very least to keep them minor if you are just willing to pay attention. Take a moment to think about what your options are when it comes to winter-proofing your home.

Wrap Your Pipes

When pipes freeze, the water expands, and that can lead to burst pipes as the temperature drops even further. To make sure that your pipes do not suddenly burst at the worst possible time, make sure that you insulate them properly. There are kits to help you do this, but according to Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating, plenty of people make do with wrapping thick fabric around the exposed pipes and taping them in place.

Check Your Roof

Before the snow flies, consider getting up on a ladder and visually inspecting your roof. Look for spots where water seems to be collecting, or darkened spots and missing shingles or tiles. Your roof is vulnerable when the weight of the snow sets in, and if you can get a small problem taken care of before it becomes a big one, 

Contact the Pros 

As soon as you notice a problem with your heating or your plumbing system, contact a professional plumber in Surrey BC. At any point in the year, these problems need to be fixed, but during the winter, these systems are especially vulnerable. These services are overworked during this season, so make sure that you get your call in well-ahead of the time when you are dealing with an emergency!

Salt Vigorously 

There are several reasons to salt your walks and your drive. In addition to reducing the falling hazard, you should also remember that freezes damage your cement and concrete. The salt encourages the ice to melt faster, ensuring that it will not expand the existing cracks in your pavement.

Check Your Sealing

You wouldn’t leave your front door open during a cold snap, and that means that you shouldn’t let your window sealing go for too long without a check either. Make sure that the seals on your windows are still in good shape. This keeps your heat in all winter.

When you are thinking about the winter repairs that you need, consider how you can best protect your home! When you are prepared you won’t need to fear any repair.



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