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Mold and Mildew: How to Prevent Your Home from Becoming a Health Risk

Tweet However, many molds species can cause anything from respiratory illnesses to complete systemic illnesses that can even be fatal. Here is how to protect your home from becoming a


3 Reasons for Not Renovating Your Basement

We have heard the reasons for renovating a basement, to provide a livable space and to enhance the value of the home. While these reasons are certainly valid, they tend to overlook a few things about basements that can have an adverse effect on the room, what you own, and on your wallet.


Fed Up Of Water Build Up In Basement? Invest In Sump Pumps

No matter how unlikely this looks, basement flooding is one of the most common phenomena in the houses that lie in low lying areas. Rain water seeps in through clogged pipes, flooding the entire basement causing damage to the foundation and the items basement houses.