How To Deal With Home Condensation and Damp Problems

How To Deal With Home Condensation and Damp Problems


That’s why you generally find it on windows that are in contact with warm air inside the house and cold outside.

However, it is also common in bathrooms where the shower generates warm air and the walls are tiled and comparatively cold.

Condensation and damp are both serious issues. They create the perfect environment in your home for mold to grow.

The mold releases spores that can get into your lungs and causing a variety of issues, especially if you are prone to allergies.

Fortunately, you can identify the cause of the dampness and condensation and deal with it.

Causes Of Damp

Damp is any moisture in your home that shouldn’t be there. It can be caused by a leaking roof, overflowing gutters allowing water to drench the walls or even a leaking water pipe.

All of these things can be spotted when undertaking a visual inspection of your home. Fix the cause and the damp will disappear.

Don’t forget that damp can cause wet rot in the wooden beams of your home, potentially causing structural issues.

However, you may also suffer from rising damp. This is when moisture under the house soaks into the walls and climbs into your home. It is common in older houses that don’t have a damp proof layer at the base of the walls.

dehumidifiers for homemoisture absorbers

      some damp control issues to consider      

The good news is that this can be treated by improving the air movement under your home. A quality underfloor ventilation system will pull cool air in under your house and push warm air out.

As the fresh air comes in it will warm, attracting moisture from the soil and preventing it from going up your walls.  The warming air is also pushed out and the cycle repeated.

It’s a simple and surprisingly effective way to eliminate the damp under your home and prevent it from entering your home.


As mentioned, condensation occurs when warm air hits cold surfaces. The older your windows, the more likely this is to occur, especially if they are not double-glazed.

You can replace the window and a new double-glazed unit may not experience the same issue as the air pocket in the window helps to create balance in the temperature.

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But, you can also add a vent to allow a trickle of cool air in from outside and down the window. This will lower the temperature of the air hitting the window and prevent the condensation from happening.

Of course, you can simply clear up any moisture you see, as soon as you see it. But, the best way to deal with damp and condensation in your home is to identify the cause and then deal with it. This will make life much simpler and healthier in the future!

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