Home Addition? 4 Essentials Every Owner Should Consider

Home Addition? 4 Essentials Every Owner Should Consider
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    A home addition provides you and your family with more space and a greater level of comfort.

    Adding a master suite, family room, mud room or laundry room can make your daily life easier and more enjoyable.


You may be able to have that home office, craft room or workshop that you have always dreamed of. Before you hire contractors and buy furniture for the new part of your home, keep these four essential considerations in mind.

Foundation and Design

Before getting started with a home addition, you may need to have a structural engineer check your home’s foundation. This is especially important for a second story addition, because the foundation will need to be strong enough to support the added weight. The design of your home addition is another critical factor to keep in mind.

Your neighborhood may have rules about aesthetics and sizes of home additions. Also keep in mind your locale’s zoning restrictions. Your contractors and builders will need to ensure that your home addition is in compliance with property line and zoning requirements. You will also need to ensure that all necessary permits are secured before the project starts and that all required inspections are performed.


Plumbing is one of the most basic and essential parts of any home addition. Some of the most popular home additions include bathrooms and kitchen expansions. First floor and second floor laundry rooms are also popular. All of these additions require the installation and integration of plumbing.

A low-flow plumbing fixture increases the water pressure by up to 80 psi by introducing air to the water as it flows. A dual-flush toilet uses a half-flush to dispense liquid waste and a full flush for getting rid of solid waste. Low-flow shower heads and dual-flush toilets may decrease your water usage by up to 20,000 gallons of water per year for a household of four people.

Some professionals, like a plumber in Orem, Utah, knows that installing energy-efficient plumbing will allow you to enjoy lower utility bills after completing your home addition project.

Water conservation tips – How to conserve water at home:

Costs and Value of the Addition

Consider speaking with a real estate agent about what the addition will mean for the value of your home. If you live in a neighborhood where most homes have three bedrooms and two bathrooms and your addition will increase your home to five bedrooms and four bathrooms, you may have a difficult time selling your house.

Keep in mind how the addition will change other aspects of your finances, such as your property taxes. A home addition will also increase your utility expenses. The new area of your home will need to be heated and air conditioned. In some cases, you may even need to add a second furnace, air conditioning unit or heat pump to handle the increased demand for heating and cooling.

Living in the Home While Remodeling

A home addition is a big project. If you plan to remain in your home during the construction of the addition, keep in mind that there will be plenty of noise and dust. The indoor air quality may also be affected by off-gassing of materials such as drywall, sealants, flooring and paints. You may not be able to use the plumbing while new pipes are being installed. During the installation process for new air ducts, ventilation or heating and air conditioning equipment, your comfort may be affected until the work is complete.

A home addition provides you with the space that you and your family need for hosting guests, relaxing together and doing your favorite activities. Because a home addition is a big and often expensive project, it requires careful planning. These four factors can help your project go smoother.

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