Kitchen Catastrophe: 3 Ways To Avoid The Chaos Of A Clogged Sink

Kitchen Catastrophe: 3 Ways To Avoid The Chaos Of A Clogged Sink
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    Most renters and homeowners take their kitchen plumbing for granted until they experience a smelly, messy backup.

    It seems as if most clogged drains occur at the worst possible moments.


By staying on top of drain cleanliness, individuals can avoid the chaos of clogged drains and, even worse, of backed-up main sewer lines.

Take Care with Garbage Disposals

Many homeowners believe that garbage disposals can take almost any kind of waste. They may unknowingly clog up the drain and dull the blades of the disposal by throwing corncobs, fruit rinds, onions and coffee grounds down the drain. All of these are big disposal problems.

Instead, individuals should use only cold water when washing proper food waste down the disposal and should run the water for 30 seconds after disposing. Everything put down the disposal should be easily biodegradable and not thin or fibrous.

Stay Away from Grease

Although hot grease looks like a liquid that should flow easily down the pipes, it gets cold and hardens quickly after coming into contact with metal pipes. Individuals should always pour grease from meats and oils into a small jar, let it harden and throw it away in the kitchen trash.

Small amounts of grease buildup can be remedied with a squirt of dish detergent mixed in hot water poured down the drain.

Major buildup will need to be remedied by a plumber, like the professionals at HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric.

Clean Frequently

No matter how careful one is with a kitchen drain, buildup can occur over time. Keeping it clean can be a simple matter of daily tune-up and regular maintenance with chemicals or products that most people have on their kitchen shelves. Every day or two, homeowners can pour very hot water down the drain. If the drain begins to run more slowly than usual, homeowners can turn to a chemical cleaner containing sodium hydroxide or sodium nitrate a few times each year. White vinegar mixed with a tablespoon of salt can also break up small amounts of gunk in the pipes.

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Individuals must remember that drains are designed for normal liquid wastes except in the cases of drains accompanied by garbage disposals. Even here, people cannot assume that everything will automatically go down the drain. By taking a few extra minutes to compost food, find a wastebasket or run some waste out to the garbage bin, homeowners will find that their pipes drain well for years.

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