4 Renovation Essentials for a 5-Star Kitchen

4 Renovation Essentials for a 5-Star Kitchen
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    Tackling a high-end kitchen renovation project can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming with all of the incredible options available.

    There are so many cabinet styles, finishes, and appliances to choose from.


The first thing you should do is decide what style suits you. Are you looking to go contemporary, traditional, rustic, eclectic, or retro? Once you have figured that out, find a good kitchen designer to work with who understands your aesthetics.

Now for the design essentials and elements to concentrate on. Here are some 5-star recommendations

  • 1. Custom Cabinetry

    The term “custom” can mean 2 different things in the kitchen cabinetry world. You can hire a cabinet maker to design and build the cabinets from scratch. But, that can be costly and take a very long time.

    There are very high-end companies that claim to have custom cabinets. What that means is that they have a large array of styles and dimensions, and can make some custom filler pieces. Choose a reputable cabinet company that has a large variety of cabinet sizes and interior options. Consider using the latest lacquered finishes. They come in a variety of colors

  • 2. Appliances

    Enough can’t be said about going with stainless steel appliances for their ease of care, durability, and clean look. The other option is appliances that are completely concealed with doors and drawers that match the cabinets. These include appliances that sit flush with the cabinet faces, such as drawer refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers with controls concealed in the top of the door, and cabinet depth upright refrigerator/freezer combinations.

    Let your cooktop ventilation hood be a focal point. There are some interesting designs to choose from. If you really want to go all in, there are Wi-Fi enabled appliances that can be operated from your Smartphone.

  • 3. Backsplashes

    Stone, quartz, stainless steel, or concrete are all still top choices for countertops. Where things get innovative are in the backsplash. Solid sheets of tinted glass are worth looking into as a cool backsplash option for a glossy modern feel. If you are going a little more classic, use a white subway tile. For a rustic feel, try chalkboard or wood slats.

  • 4. LED Lighting

    LED lighting is a must for a 5-star kitchen. Not only is it more energy efficient, it provides a better color spectrum. Recessed LED lights with shiny Alzak trim will spread light well. Under cabinet LED strip lighting is completely concealed and adds a wonderful ambiance. Put your lighting on rheostats (dimmers) so that you have control over the mood you want to set or the amount of light you want.

Any major renovation means a lot of debris and extras you may not have thought of. It’s important that you take all of this into consideration when you are planning your renovation, and that you make preparations for others means of cooking and dining.

It’s also important to have a waste management plan and use professionals like Kingston Skips.

A 5-star kitchen renovation is a time and a financial commitment. You need to invest both to achieve the desired results. You can have an exceptional kitchen on a budget if you are willing to spend the time measuring, researching, shopping, vision boarding, and sitting down with the various showrooms that have 3D CAD software to show you what your vision will look like.

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