7 Practical Gifts for Your “New Mom” Friends

7 Practical Gifts for Your “New Mom” Friends

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    Welcoming a baby into your life is one of the most beautiful life changes a family experiences, and it's also a time for celebration.

    When someone you love welcomes a new baby via birth or adoption, it's customary to bring a gift to the new mom to congratulate her on the beautiful new addition to her family.


From fitted baby sheets to diapers and wipes, there are so many things you can bring a new mom. Some are practical and useful for the new baby, and some are just for the new mom herself. If you’re in the market for a gift for a new mom, here are some ideas that will help your gift stand out from the rest.

Diapers and Wipes

It’s not the most exciting gift, of course, but diapers and wipes are costly. They add up quickly when you have a new baby in the house, and there are few moms out there who are unhappy to save a little money on diapers and wipes. It’s a practical and useful gift for a new mom, and it’s on that you cannot go wrong with.

If you want to be sure you’re getting the right kind, ask her first which brands she prefers. Some moms are very specific about the type of wipes and diapers they prefer for their little ones.

Extra Necessities

New moms love things that help them out in a pinch, but they don’t always think of those things before they experience them.

For example, additional fitted sheets for the baby’s crib will come in handy more than once. It’s not uncommon for a first-time new mom to buy the sheets and bedding she loves for décor purposes but not purchase any extras.

The first time that new baby spits up or has a diaper accident at two in the morning, your new mom friend will be more than excited you provided her with backup sheets she can throw on the bed while the dirty sheets are in the laundry. The same goes for additional pajamas and onesies. New moms go through a lot of those.

Personal Care Gift Cards

If you know a new mom, you know a woman who has not yet adjusted to a new schedule. She’s working on learning how to balance her personal life with her new baby’s needs, and she might not be able to fully find the time she needs to care for herself. A personal care gift card might be just what she needs.

A gift card to her favorite hair salon or nail tech might make her day. A gift card for a pedicure can do wonders for her when she’s feeling tired, frumpy, and unsure of herself in her new role. All are normal feelings and emotions new moms experience, and this thoughtful gift is just for her. It can make her feel special, beautiful, and refreshed when she’s sleep deprived and overwhelmed.


Free Babysitting

If you want to talk about a practical gift for a new mom, here it is. You might not find that many new moms are looking for a babysitter for their newborn so they can go out at night, but you might find a new mom is happy to have you come over and spend an hour with her new baby while she runs to the bank and the supermarket.

She might be just as happy to take you up on the offer to come over and handle an hour or two of the baby’s feeding and nap schedule so she can nap. If you have a little time, offer to come over and take care of her baby for her so she can get a nap, run an errand, or just take a shower and dry her hair without being interrupted. It’s practical, thoughtful, and something she’ll appreciate forever.

A Cleaning Service

A new mom is going to love you more than she did before if you gift her a cleaning service for a few weeks. You don’t have to pay for housekeeping for the rest of her new baby’s life, but she will appreciate someone coming in once or twice a week for a few weeks. She’s tired, she’s learning a new routine, and she’s more in need of that village it takes to raise a child now than ever. Gift her a cleaning service for a few weeks, and she might just feel better than ever.


Dinner Delivery Service

The practical goal here is to ask yourself what you can get a new mom that will really help her in life. She might love to have a dinner delivery service. Between feedings and nap times and all the dozens of pans of lasagna her friends have filled her freezer with, she might want something a little different. Consider paying for a week or two worth of delivery dinners for her. If you want to be a really good friend, you’ll go over one night and cook her meal for her. Don’t forget to do the dishes when you’re done.

An e-Reader and/or Book Gift Card

Does the new mom in your life love to read? She’s going to have ample time to do so when she’s nursing and/or feeding her new baby, and it’s fun to sit down and read while passing the time.

An e-reader is just lighter and more easily maneuverable than paper books, so consider gifting her one of those with a gift card that allows her to read books she can download while she feeds her baby. If you can, give her a gift card to go with that to buy a few books for her new collection.

A new mom probably already has a ton of baby items she can use. While it’s never a bad idea to show up with a pretty new outfit for the baby or a fun toy for the baby, she’s going to appreciate the practical gifts just a little more.

Do a new mom a favor, and help her transition into her new life with wonderful gifts.

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