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Garden Plants

Easy Tips to Find a Quality Plant Nursery

Tweet Whether you need to replace a dead tree or want more to adore your landscape, the plant nursery is where you need to go. For beginners, who are looking to start working on the landscaping from scratch, there are 3 steps to go about it: Planning the layout Deciding the plants Finding a quality nursery base planters • hanging planters • gardening beds • pedestals • potting benches • urns Let’s View View Garden Containers All these 3 steps

Nursery Room

Nursery Decoration Tips

Tweet Stimulating surroundings and lively colors are the name of the game here, so here are some decorative ideas for your baby’s room. The Colors One of the main traditionalist ideas behind any type of a nursery is the good old “blue is for boys and pink is for girls”. Not only does this idea support gender prejudice, but it is also rather typical and, well, boring. Instead of going the traditional, choose pastels and gentle hues for your baby’s

Nursery Room

How to Create a Functional and Comfortable Nursery Room

You will be changing many nappies during the day (and night), so a changing station that comprises of a raised surface on which to lie the baby while changing, as well as storage areas, is a big bonus. This will save you having to lie the baby on the floor or your bed. You will also have diapers, wet wipes and spare clothes ready at hand, to make the whole process that much easier.


What You Should Know About Replanting a Live Christmas Tree

Tweet Live greenery for the home. One of the most important decorations in many homes each December is the Christmas tree, which is usually a freshly cut fir tree or an artificial version of the same. Some people, however, choose a living tree — one that can be replanted once the holiday season is over. A live tree can provide much beauty and enjoyment for years to come, but only if you carefully transplant it when conditions are ideal and


Invigorate Your Yard With Fresh Landscaping

Tweet By Kevin Poon A common predicament The Norris’ had been sporting a “For Sale” sign in front of their house for six months. The house was in good shape, showed well and they had about five serious buyers — but no sale. The realtor finally told them that most of these buyers bought homes that were more expensive! Well, that was a shock. She also told them that selling a house in a down market — even a less

Garden Plants

Select the Best Trees for Your Yard

Tweet The type of tree to add to your property depends on several factors including your location, soil and your personal tolerance for debris. Cost is another factor and becomes all the more significant when choosing a mature or an expensive tree. containers • garden care • tools • green living • landscape design • lawn care • watering Let’s View About Landscaping Tree Categories Trees come in various shapes and sizes and are divided into two categories: conifers and