How to Baby Proof Your House in Five Easy Steps

How to Baby Proof Your House in Five Easy Steps
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    With a new baby in your life, you want to keep this little one safe.

    Some people spend weeks considering every possible scenario, and ensuring that the home is as perfectly safe as possible, but the fact is, it doesn't have to be a difficult process.


In fact, you can simplify this chore down to five easy steps to something you can handle in a weekend.

Hands and Knees

Remember, a mobile child is going to have a very different view of the home than you do. While you’re looking at things that are four to six feet off the floor, your child is looking at things much closer to the ground. Before you go to the store to buy baby proofing supplies, you’re going to need a list. The easiest way to create that list is to crawl through your home on your hands and knees so you can see hazards first hand.


You can spend your whole life telling children to leave the glass candle holders alone, or you can simply move them up to a higher shelf. It shouldn’t take you long to redecorate the home and move those tempting items well out of reach. If you’re short on space, then just box them up until your child is older. You’ll spare yourself the aggravation of broken items, and keep your precious baby safe.

Distractions from Toys

You’re bound to find deals on baby toys and should definitely take advantage of them. While your child may be interested in stuff that’s off limits, you can avoid problems by providing them with some interesting toys that are just right for tiny hands. Keep a basket of toys in the living room for easy access. In the kitchen, provide your child with one lower cabinet that’s not child proofed. Fill this little space with plastic bins or metal bowls they can pull out, bang on, and play with. Your child will be less likely to find a way around your other child proofing efforts when you have appropriate items readily available.

Edges are Dangerous

Children who are learning to crawl, cruise, and walk are prone to falling, and this can be serious if they strike a sharp edge. There are a few options available for addressing those coffee tables and the edge of your raised fireplace hearth. You can buy bumper guards with low-tack adhesive that are simply cut to fit and adhered directly to the item. Another option is special padded covers with elastic options that will fit neatly over your tables without leaving any residue on the finish.

If you have little ones, it is not a bad idea to set aside a playroom that has all the safety functions built in. This allows you to let your children run free without the hidden dangers found in other rooms.

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Remember the Climbers

After you’ve put plugs in the outlets, childproofed the cabinets, and put special covers on the doorknobs, you still have one area left to consider. Some children love to climb, and climbers are at the greatest risk for injury. They can open dresser drawers to use them as stairs, and the dresser could fall on them. Buy furniture straps at your local hardware store to securely attach your tall shelves and dressers to stuffs in the walls.

There are countless supplies available to baby proof your home and ensure everything is safe. If you start out by taking a baby’s-eye view of the home, then you can easily assemble a list of supplies. Installing the different items won’t take more than a few hours, and you can easily get it all done before your newborn starts rolling around and crawling. Be sure to give your child some appropriate distractions so that your home will be fun as well as safe.



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