10 Home Improvement Ideas That Will Help You Stay Warm and Save Money in Winters

10 Home Improvement Ideas That Will Help You Stay Warm and Save Money in Winters
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    Winter is Coming!

    And we are almost as terrified about it as the seven kingdoms.

    It sure is the time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it is also that time of the year when our electricity bills soar through the roof.


However, a few smart, inexpensive DIY’s and on-time home renovations can save you a large chunk of money and prevent your electricity bill from shooting up. Here are a few ideas to keep your home warm and cozy this summer without breaking the bank.

Get an Energy Audit Done

To know the spaces of your home that’s going to need maximum attention in winters, get a professional energy audit done of your home. If a professional energy audit seems like an expensive alternative, consider identifying the problem areas of your house with an infrared thermometer. An infrared thermometer will allow you to safely measure surface temperatures and locate spots where your home is experiencing air leaks or missing insulation.

Air leaks play a large part in driving your electricity bills higher. If you can identify and repair them at the right time, your energy bill will go down by 30 to 35%.

Weatherstrip your Doors and Windows

Weatherstrip your doors and windows prior to winters. You can do it yourself, or get it done professionally. Either way you will be saving up on your electricity bills. The cracks and gaps in corner casements that are absolutely immobile, can be caulked to prevent the cold air from getting inside the house. Also, seal around the heating ducts in the basement and attic. This way you will not only be keeping out the cold air, but also unwanted guests like mice and varmints.

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Purchase a Programmable Thermostat

These are useful instruments that automatically help you to regulate the temperature of your home. Turning down the temperature when not needed can save you a substantial amount of money. With the advent of remote technology, many new thermostats enable you to control your heating systems through wireless applications. On the other hand, there are plenty of thermostats that have a fine tuned heating and cooling system. For example the thermostat will lower the temperature when you go to bed and are tucked inside your comfortable duvet, while raise it when you get up.

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Invest in Winter Bedding Early

Stock up on quilts and duvets early. Keep them ready as the cold breeze starts beckoning the arrival of the winter months. To maximize the efficiency of your winter bedding, invest in duvet cover sets. These will keep your favorite snuggle partners, clean and protected. Duvets are expensive to wash, but these covers can be easily given a machine wash, thus conserving energy and finances.

Reverse the Direction of the Ceiling Fans

This simple change can contribute massively to control your energy bills. In summers fans run counter-clockwise, which makes the house cooler during summer months. There is a switch in the fan that allows you to change its directions. Reverse the direction to clockwise in winters so that the air is forced downwards instead of upwards. This leads to the warm air being circulated back into the room and prevent the temperatures from dropping indoors.

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Ensure Your Heating System is Functioning Properly

They say a stitch in time saves nine. Before the cold winter months set in, get your heating system checked and fixed by a professional. Though this may be expensive, it will be worth it. A properly functioning heating system will keep you warm and curtail your energy bills by reducing unnecessary waste.

Make Appropriate Amends to Your Fireplace

Traditional Wood fireplaces are not energy efficient as they release a large amount of the heat through the chimney outside. Replace your wood burning fireplace with gas logs instead for more heat and energy in your home. Consider a direct-vent system where air is drawn from outside and then this warm air is infused and circulated within the room.

For those of you who love the feel of the traditional fireplace, consider installing glass doors to close off your fireplace. These doors can prevent cold air from coming into your house, and the warm air produced from getting away through the chimney. Make sure you close the flue after you have finished using the fireplace. We think these doors could also add a decorative appeal to your fireplace.

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Insulate Your Attic Door

Add extra insulation to your home to prevent the heat in the house from escaping. Buy covers for attic staircases or openings. You can use these throughout the year to reduce energy costs, and they are very easy to install and remove.

Put Area Rugs to Use

We love rugs! They add drama and charm to the simplest of spaces. However, for winters, when you cover your wooden floor with area rugs, they create a layer of DIY insulation and keeps your homes warmer.

Cover the Inconspicuous Holes Around Electrical Outlets

Check around the electrical outlets. If you find the area cooler than the rest, chances are you are losing warm air through that escape and it is also serving as an outlet for cool air to come inside your home. Invest in covers that can be easily installed behind the plate.

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To Conclude,

Winters are challenging times, and with the above home reforms you and your pocket can stay considerably warm. Implement them and save up on those energy bills. You can also get creative and come up with your own solutions to beat the bills and the chills effectively and let us know those too in the comments section below!

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