Cost Effective Solutions for Remodeling Your Home

Cost Effective Solutions for Remodeling Your Home
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    The process of home remodeling is an expensive one especially if it involves reconstruction or renovation.

    Some essential ideas can help you to make it cost effective.


Any home will require proper maintenance with repair and reconstruction from time-to-time. It is a costly affair to hire a professional for renovating your home. With the impact of recession and plunge in the value of houses, very few people have the ability to invest in renovating and remodeling their homes. However, certain ideas can give your home the desired change without having to invest a lot in the process. This will make your home look attractive keeping your pocket warm. These ideas are provided in the following paragraphs.

Seal Leaks and Drafts

One simple and easy method of saving money is to avert using drafts in your house or try to seal them off completely. This will contribute in reducing the “energy bills” with respect to the prices on cooling and heating, effectively saving up on the budget expenses.

You can find out if there are any leaks or drafts in the window by placing incense stick close to each of the frames to see if the smoke escapes from any leak in the window. Make sure that the curtains are all removed to prevent them from catching fire. One the problem is detected, use “weather-stripping” or “caulking” for sealing off these cracks.

You must also ensure that the foundation cracks and pipe outlets are properly covered. To block the door cracks you can either use “old towel” by rolling it up or placing something like a “draft snake” on the crack. Even guest would appreciate houses with lesser “drafts” as it increases the temperature of the house and keeps it warm.

Water Leaks Fixed

No one would prefer leaking pipes or faucets in the house. It does not just irritate the ears but is also a huge headache as leaks can lead to worse and more expensive problems. Add to it the fact that a lot of water is wasted in the process.

If the problem is investigated properly various conclusions can be drawn. For example, there are times when the pipes need only a little “tightening” with wrench or pliers to fix the leak and the problem is solved. There are also times when the leak is more than what you can handle and requires professional handling. You can resort to the services of a plumber during these times. This will result in savings on the “water bill” as well as decrease the “mold risk” which will in turn retain the value of the home as well as the “indoor air quality”.

Installation of Showerheads with Low Flow

It may not have crossed your mind but the older designs and models of toilets cause wastage of water in large amounts. As a matter of fact, the “porcelain throne” flushes over thirty percent of the water that is used for domestic purpose.

Today, latest accessories for bathroom include showerheads with low flow of water and other such bathroom necessities which slash down the rate of water wasted on the bathroom. They are not only efficient in saving water but also come in various attractive sizes with facilities of controlling water flow.


Finally, it can be concluded that the ideas for saving on the monetary aspect of remodeling can be effectively implemented provided they are taken seriously. You do not always have to splurge on getting your house redecorated. Make wise decisions to ensure that your money does not go to waste and you do get exactly what you want.

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