Plumbing Checklist For Your Rented Home: Expert Plumber Tips

Plumbing Checklist For Your Rented Home: Expert Plumber Tips
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    Selecting the correct rental property is a handful job indeed.

    You need to figure out a great amount of things, reconfigure few stuffs, select and decide on few facets of the home and in all of this many things can easily be forgotten or slip off.


To begin with, you should always keep your rented property clean, safe and protected from any contamination. For this you must always keep the plumbing system of the home in optimal condition and ensure an expert plumber keeps it under regular inspection.

There are several plumbing tips or advices given by your plumber that you must follow while you decide on a rented place, but once you have chosen the place and shifted into it you must do a few things to ensure complete functionality of the entire plumbing system of the place.

You must not invest a lot of thought process on how to save your security deposit amount from deduction due to jammed pipes by the end of the year. Also check the entire plumbing system of the place you are about to rent and ensure that every aspect of it is at optimal stage before renting. This article speaks about a plumbing checklist that you must keep handy to ensure regular maintenance of the pipes and drainage system of your rented place.

Renters plumbing checklist:

  • Maintain cleanliness:
    It is a matter of astonishment how grime can develop in the pipelines and other fixtures if they are ignored for a long duration of time. Appliances that require plumber attention must be kept under check every now and then. Mold growth is common in appliances like washing machines, if kept unclean for a long time.

    Pipes keep clogging every now and then and are seriously harmful for the entire plumbing system. Pipes can be kept clean using non-pipe damaging chemical cleaning fluids at home or professional cleaning services can be hired. The key is to keep everything clean.  

  • Keep the drains functional:
    Defending the drain is quite an easy task and can be done without the help of a professional plumber. There are three chief methods to incorporate in your everyday plumbing checklist to ensure drain safety. First and foremost thing to do is to look after what is poured down in the drains.

    Things like greasy materials, chemical solvents, bleach, or caustic solutions must not go down the drainage system as these can cause serious long term damages to the drainage system. Always keep a check on what you are pouring in the drain to avoid drain clogging.

Second thing to do is recommended by any plumber and that is to keep strainers around drains. It is the best way to prevent drain clogging due to small debris like food particle or hair accumulation. The final step is to keep a check for any sign of leakages. Leaking drains can be really nasty and can fill your rented home with dirty contaminated water. Always ensure that your drains are not dripping. Detecting leakage at the earliest stage can save you a great deal of time, effort and money.

  • Ensure perfect flushing:
    Safe flushing is a healthy habit and not only is it good for water conservation it is also good for the health of the pipe and any plumber would encourage a renter to adopt a discerning flushing habit. Use flush safely and optimally. Always flush things like used toilet papers but strictly avoid flushing feminine products, regular garbage or cotton swabs.

    By doing this you can avoid pipe clogging and long term damages that can severely cost you money in the future. Your rented place is your responsibility after all.

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