Outdoor Design and Landscaping Tips to Make Your Home More Presentable (And Appealing to Buyers)

Outdoor Design and Landscaping Tips to Make Your Home More Presentable (And Appealing to Buyers)
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    Choosing to give your home a face uplift especially on the outside is a great thing.

    It feels good to drive up to a home with beautifully manicured lawns, expansive green grass, blossoming flowers, and well curated hardscapes.


In most cases, landscaping and outdoor designs are done just to make your home look presentable, but it is also an effective strategy if you are planning to sell the house and get a good fortune from it.

To ensure that you achieve the desired effect, consider implementing the following tips:

Plant colorful plants

There are various types of seasonal plants that make the landscape pop with deep green. You can choose monochromatic colors or even a splash of different colors. Whichever suits your style and your home, the effects will be a surprising beauty and a marvel to look at daily. This will attract buyers to your home more easily. First impressions matter and they matter even more to buyers who are guided by what they see.

Tend the perennial beds

Annual and/or perennial plants in beds tend to look unsightly with time. Aging has an effect on plants too. To give your garden an overall good look, trim off the dead or unsightly parts and when the whole plant is beyond redemption, you may consider uprooting it then replacing the bed or plant with new ones that will look more presentable.

Shape overgrown trees

Even though the shade is relaxing, it isn’t a reason to let the shrubs and trees overgrow. Since nothing says neglect better than overgrowth and unsightly features, you should get a professional to get the trees cared for. If you have no person in mind, you should visit affordable tree care offices for expert and professional services. To show that the house and the garden are well cared for, always prune the trees whenever they feel and look overgrown.

Spruce up the outdoor containers

Patios and doorways are able to elicit extra interest, add glamor, and value to your home. To do this effectively, you should consider sprucing up those containers. There are endless design possibilities that you can incorporate onto the containers and it doesn’t cost as much. In other cases, all you may need is a paint brush and a small paint container.

Clean up all water features

Water features add elegance to your garden on any day. Unfortunately, most people forget to care for the water features in the garden. When algae and leaves accumulate in the waterfall or any other water feature, there will be a foul smell, and the feature will be totally unsightly.


A fresh layer of mulch on the garden adds a new lease of life to a garden. The pop of color makes the surrounding plants and everything else in it pop. Since mulch is cheap and easy to apply, you should touch up the mulch before a sale or during a gardening session.

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Resolve irrigation issues

Irrigation is important for sustainability of a garden. To ensure that you or the buyer don’t spend more on repairs or replacements later, you should fix any and all irrigation system issues.

In conclusion, an appealing home is judged from the outside. However elegant the interiors are, people will fail to see that if the exteriors are messy. You should also remember to power clean the hardscape regularly.

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Paula Stephens is a landscape architect and an exterior designer working for a leading architectural and design firm in Texas. She recommends that you visit affordable tree care experts in Texas for the best tree care services.

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