Understanding Causes of Leaks and Gutter Replacement

Understanding Causes of Leaks and Gutter Replacement
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    No one likes having a leaky gutter but they tend to occur over time due to a variety of reasons.

    Often, this calls for gutter replacement. Basically, this means that your gutter needs to be changed completely.


However, it is vital to understand that not all leaky gutters need replacement. They can be fixed at times too. Here are some common causes of leaky gutters that you should be aware of:

Flashing cracked

One of the most common causes of leaky gutters is that the flashing has cracked. These are very thin pieces of materials or metal in the gutter that are installed underneath your roof. Usually most roofs are made of shingles and these metal pieces are more of a water-resistant barrier. These are usually concealed but can be exposed too. You would notice that they appear like long runs of metal bands and once they are damaged they would have evident cracks. This is a clear indication that you need gutter replacement.


Another very common cause of damage to the gutter is frosting. This happens because the frost tends to cause acute bruising along the gutter line. The materials used for these gutters are usually good quality plastic or even metal. But if you live in a very cold area then frosting affects the gutter from both the outside and also the inside as water gets frozen. Often after a very long frost there are evident splits and openings in the gutter that needs replacement.

Broken shingles

Also, gutter replacement is essential when you have broken shingles. These are basically on the exterior layers of your roof. Many times these shingles are kind of jittery right after a storm. And if you have a gutter or pipeline underneath the same, it is likely to have been damaged too. Combined together, these environment factors lead to havoc on your gutters.

Unsealed valleys

A common statement that is used in roofing is that when two planes on the roof are placed together, they kind of form a valley. However, when it comes to shingles, the valley may not have been sealed properly. As a result of this, your gutters are constantly prone to external water damage. Also your rainwater is running down causing seeps through various points that leads to damage. In such cases, gutter replacement is inevitable.

Cracked vent booting

A cracked roof vent would appear like a small pipe that juts out of the roof. These are ideally used for soaking the moisture that goes inside the house. Often these vents are sealed together using rubber or similar materials. But if they are not finished properly, they tend to decay over time. In particular, if the roof has not been maintained for a long time then the cracking problem would be more obvious.

Peeling paint and wood

Often you may notice that the peeling paint or wood corroding right along where your gutter is, indicates damage and leak. You should watch out for these signs as they are caused because of severe pipe issues and require gutter replacement.

Improper installation of skylights

Along with the above, the other cause of leaks here could be the improper fitting of skylights. If your ceiling is dripping and every time it is raining you are placing buckets around, then be prepared for replacement. Usually this happens because of wrong measuring and the other reason is that the fitting could also be messed up.

Now that you know the major causes of damage to the gutter, it is best to consult with an expert plumber. They would control damage and also do gutter replacement for you.

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