5 Plumbing Tips Every Household Needs

5 Plumbing Tips Every Household Needs
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    The most common household repairs are related to plumbing problems.

    At some point during the year, you will most likely experience a problem with your pipes, toilet, sink or drains.


In some instances, you can handle the problem on your own. Here are 5 plumbing tips every household needs.

Be Careful with Your Toilet

It is important to remember that your toilet bowl is not used as a trash can. It should only be used to flush waste and toilet paper. Other non-flushable items should be discarded in the trash can. Although an item may flush, it does not mean that it is not harming your plumbing. Over time, items may build up in your pipes and cause your toilet to clog.

This is a list of items that should not be flushed under any circumstances.

  • Sanitary napkins
  • Paper towels
  • Baby wipes
  • Food
  • Hair

Check Your Toilet

Your toilet’s flapper controls the amount of water that fills your toilet’s tank. If your flapper is faulty, your tank will continue to fill. This will result in a noisy toilet and a high water bill. It is essential to periodically verify that your flapper is working properly. Replacing a faulty flapper is an inexpensive and quick fix.

Check Your Dishwasher Hose

The water that powers your dishwasher comes through a hose that is connected to your sink. When your dishwasher leaks, it could mean that the hose is not connected properly. To check your dishwasher hose, look in the cabinet under your sink. Reconnect the dishwasher hose if it is loose.

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Know When to Get Help

There are many DIY plumbing projects that you can safely handle. However, some plumbing projects require the assistance of a plumbing professional. Professional plumbers, like those at Knights Plumbing & Drain, are able to meet all of your needs. Professional plumbers have years of training and expertise that can get your plumbing issue fixed quickly. Hiring a plumber can save money in future repairs because the plumbing issue will be fixed correctly.

Inspect Your Tubs, Showers and Sinks

Leaking water in the bathroom and kitchen can be caused by cracked or degraded caulk. Inspect your fixtures in your tubs, showers and sink to determine if the areas need to be re-caulked.  This is a simple and easy fix that literally only takes a few minutes.

Knowing these plumbing tips can help you fix minor plumbing issues around your home. Utilizing helpful DIY techniques can keep your plumbing systems working properly.



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