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Energy Savings

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient to Save on Utility Costs

One of the best home value investments is making your home more energy efficient to save on utility costs. So what does that mean?

Energy Savings

Home Renovation – Environmentally Friendly Changes that Add Value to Your Property

Tweet In recent times, the demand for homes that have thermally efficient windows, solar power, and effective insulation has been on the increase. So you should expect the following environmentally

Energy Savings Featured

4 Green Technologies You’ll Want to Use in Your Next Remodel

Tweet LED Lighting LED bulbs may seem expensive, but consider that high-quality LEDs cost less than $2 per year to operate and will last over 20 years. You end up

Energy Savings

A look at Some Useful Energy Saving Tips

Homeowners have what it takes to save energy and money right in their own homes. Saving energy minimizes the nation’s overall demand for resources required to generate energy.

Green Home

New, Creative and Underutilized Ways You Can Green Up Your Home

Most of us are well versed in the basics of reducing our carbon footprints, sustainability and going green. We know about weatherized windows, using energy efficient appliances and properly insulating our homes.

Energy Savings

Simple Updates For Your Home That Goes A Long Way And Saves You Money

On average, Americans spend over a thousand dollars a year on home energy costs. This high cost is usually incurred as a result of using inefficient light bulbs, poor quality windows and more.