How to Protect and Secure your Home this Holiday Season

How to Protect and Secure your Home this Holiday Season
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    The holidays come with festive cheer, grand decorations, and an increased risk of home break-ins.

    While having your gifts ransacked and stolen can certainly put a damper on the festivities, the great news is that there are some steps you can take to effectively protect your home.


Window Film

Security window film can be used to block the UV rays from entering your home and make your windows shatterproof. While the glass can still be broken, the film will adhere to the shards and keep out most intruders. This is a particularly attractive solution for patio doors, sidelight windows, and French doors.

Get the Kickproof Plate

Most doors are surprisingly easy to kick in, but you can put a stop to this with a kickproof plate. This plate extends the full length of your door jamb and is secured into the framing of the house with long screws. Normally, the force of a kick is centralized on the lock, but this extended plate will spread the force out and effectively dissipate it so that your lock will hold tight.

Go High-Tech

With wireless network cameras, you can keep an eye on your property even when you’re not home. This can give you great peace of mind if you like to travel around the holidays. A monitored security system is also an excellent way to protect your property and your family. A lot of home security systems today can link to your smart phone. Your phone will be able to alert you in your home is being invaded while you are away. You can also have your security system set up to call a friend or neighbor to let them know that your home is being robbed. They can then call the police to go check out your home and make sure that it is safe and hopefully catch the bad guys trying to make a get-a-way with your stuff.

Secure the Driveway

Another clever option is a driveway alarm. If you have a long driveway and you worry that someone might drive onto your property without your knowledge, then add an alarm to the space near the road. When metal moves over the sensor, it will sound an alarm in the home so that you can check for visitors or intruders.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Fences can add visual appeal to your home while also making your property a less attractive target for criminals (Source: Mills Fence). The fact is that most thieves are looking for easy marks, and they’re not interested in trying to get a pile of presents over a secure structure like a fence. In addition to having a new fence installed, you can also choose to have damaged or broken structures repaired to protect your home and keep it looking great.

Protect your home by investing in some smart security features. These different options will improve your property value while keeping your family a little safer and it will give you a little more peace mind while you are on your travels. You’ll reap the benefits throughout the year, and you’ll sleep a little better during this holiday season.



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