How To Protect Your House When You Are Traveling

How To Protect Your House When You Are Traveling
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    Traveling? So, you finally got that long weekend or that seven days' leave from your house, and you are finally fulfilling all your traveling plans.

    Great! However, is your house empty?

    Yes, we can understand.


This time you might not have a family member to protect. However, what about the precious items which you need to protect.

After a trip that has let you blow off all the stress from your job, you wouldn’t experience new stress when you come home, and you see precious items are missing.

Clearly, someone has tried to break in, and you are not aware of it. This is why we need to ensure that our house is well protected and monitored, even if we are not in it.

Now, how are we going to ensure it? Well, for that, we will definitely need a smart home.

Now I know what you are thinking! Smart homes are a matter of money, and yes, there is no denying it. However, when it comes to securing your house

  1. It is a one-time deal.
  2. It is a great investment.

Plus, along with these reasons, there are other ways with which you could protect your house while traveling.

Why You Need Smart Home Equipments

Yes, there are certain measures which you can take to protect your house while traveling. However, there is more to these, and for that, you will need some smart devices.

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Just these few measures won’t really suffice for it.

  • You need a smart device because it will allow you to check and supervise wherever you are.
  • No matter wherever you are in the world, a smart device will allow you to navigate all the equipment in the house.
  • With a smart device, it is like your house has its own brain, and it will immediately alert you when it sees or detects something suspicious around or in the house.
  • Smart device will ensure that you are also saving energy

Smart Security Device You Absolutely Need

Here are some of the smart security devices which you absolutely need in your house.

  • Smart Lock

    Some of the best technology which you can incorporate in your house whenever we are talking about iron-clad security is definitely a smart lock. Smart locks will ensure that you can operate your locks from anywhere.

    What if someone is trying to break in, you can immediately alert the police and get them involved from the notification on your phone.

wired home security systemwireless home security

      some home security systems to consider      

  • Smart Motion Lights

    Smart motion lights are lights that light up according to the movement in the perimeters of the house.

    Especially at night time, when the lights sense some activities which could be suspicious.This could easily alert the neighbors and get you notified as well.

  • Alarms

    These alarms are a genius invention. They alert you and the neighbors, and probably the whole neighborhood with that ear-splitting siren, the moment someone either tries to break in the glass or forcefully unlock the door.

    This is something which could save your house from a lot of intrusion and burglaries.

  • Automatic Garage Locks

    We, humans, have been making one mistake from the beginning of time; it is about not locking the garage door.

    With an automatic garage door, it can easily sense activity within the garage, and if there isn’t any for a considerable amount of time, it will automatically close itself.

    Not just to protect your car, but the garage is also a gateway inside your house.

    Quite an easy one!

Protecting Your House While Traveling

Here are some of the ways in which you could protect your house whenever you are traveling outside.

  • Give Spare Keys To Neighbors

    No matter what you do, do not put your spare keys under the mat or near a pot of plant. You have to understand that the burglars are getting clever; they will understand and guess all the hiding places for your keys.

    The best thing you can do is give your spare keys to your neighbors, and now you know there isn’t any intruder digging through every pot of plant to get to that spare key.

  • Have Smart Lights

    Smart lights, whether it is your motion lights or imply the lights which you install in your living room. You can navigate these lights with the help of your cellular device.

    Switching on these lights once in a while will at least give you the illusion that someone is in the house. This will be helpful when there are burglars targeting an empty home.

  • Call Off The Newspaper & Mail

    The trick is never to let people know that it is an empty house. For that, you need to see to it that everything in the house is well organized.

    The biggest mistake that many of us make is never to call off our newspaper supplier and mailman for the time being. As a result, the piled-up newspaper near the door and the mail overflowing from the box are common phenomena.

    You need no smart appliances for this, just a little carefulness.

  • Keep Checking Smart Notifications

    There is something called smart notifications when you install smart appliances in your house. You download certain applications, and they are able to give you constant updates on how the appliances are reacting.

    Now, even if you are not getting daily updates, it is your responsibility to check these appliances every day.

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  • Do Not Update Status Immediately

    Yes, we know! It could be extremely tempting to post all our vacation pictures.

    However, you must have some patience and return before you post all your vacation pictures. Someone who is planning to break in will be checking everything.

    Do not give them any more ammunition.

Travel Safe!

Traveling safely doesn’t always mean you need to get to your destination safely. It also means you are ensuring you are coming back to a safe home as well.

Protecting your house is a responsibility, even if you are not there.

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