Six Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Home To Increase Safety And Security

Six Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Home To Increase Safety And Security
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    There are thousands of household break-ins that are reported every year in the U.S. alone.

    Making sure your house isn't a statistic involves proactively taking measures to increase the safety and security of your household and everything else surrounding it.


Here are six simple changes you can make that does not exhaust your resources.

Check Your Home Detectors

As a homeowner, make sure your property is installed with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. In addition, regularly check the devices to see if they are actually powered on and have sufficient power supply. Being alerted immediately allows you and your family enough time to get out of potentially dangerous situations even before it happens. If your carbon monoxide detector has been beeping consistently for days, have a professional check the property. Prolonged exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide can cause serious if not fatal consequences to you or your family.

Install Monitoring Devices

Small, stealthy cameras are now made affordable so it is possible for household use. An effective home security system greatly decreases the chances of burglary. Your home is less likely to be the target of thieves when such devices are present and visible. Go for a home security system provider that can respond quickly. Response time can make the difference between life and death in dangerous situations. Many alarm companies offer video surveillance as a tool to protect your home. You can better understand the benefits of video surveillance by reading NorthStar home security reviews.

Give Neighbors The Heads Up

If you are leaving town for a couple of days or weeks and there is nobody staying at your house, alert a neighbor of your plans. Ask them to pick up your newspaper or mail or get both of these services ceased temporarily while you are out of town. Basically, your home should look like it is occupied. An unoccupied property is perceived by thieves to be an easy target. Only alert a trusted neighbor. Telling a neighbor you do not know is the same as telling a random person on the street about your vacation.

Don’t Display Your Wealth

It is human nature to be proud of achievements or belongings and the desire to show them off to the world. Unfortunately, being too loud with your wealth and assets makes you a primary target for break-ins. Avoid displaying shiny jewelry or new expensive furniture pieces near windows. They can easily attract burglars. Use darker colored drapes to limit visibility from the outside environment.

Keep Private Information Private

Any personal data should be kept offline. The structure of social media encourages people to share their data without thinking twice about who could use or see that respective data. Posting about your daily routine or vacation details online is you simply giving away information to potential criminals. If posting on social media cannot be avoided, at least leave out your home address and the fact that you are not in your home.

Manage Home Locks

Perhaps the simplest and most inexpensive way to increase safety and security in your household is to install new lock systems. Old and rusty locks can be easily broken down or picked open compared to newer and more robust locks. Once installed, routinely check if the doors and windows are locked before going to bed. Open doors or windows are easy entry points for thieves.

Safety and security of your household and its inhabitants outweigh the costs of installing simple security systems. Keeping your home safe, and your family protected, is an important part of home ownership.



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