The 3 Best Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency at Home

The 3 Best Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency at Home


This is partly due to energy price increases and partly due to the increased dependence on energy in our homes. That’s why it’s essential you take steps to improve the energy efficiency in your home and save yourself some money.

Annual Electrical Inspection

You should invest in an annual inspection of the electrics in your home. This may seem like a waste of money as, in most cases, the inspection won’t spot any issue.

However, a qualified Sydney electrician will test for electrical leakage. This is where the circuits are going bad and causing electricity to ‘leak’ into an appliance or even into the ground.

It can be dangerous but it can also go unnoticed; especially as most electrical wiring is hidden behind the walls.

An annual inspection will identify any issues with your electrical system and help you to rectify them, potentially making your home more energy-efficient.

Your electrician may even spot other things that can be changed and will happily advise you regarding the best ways to save energy.

Don’t forget, old appliances can draw significantly more electrical current than newer, more efficient, ones.

Change Light Bulbs

The traditional light bulb no longer has a place in your home. Technology has moved on creating LED lights that use significantly less power to produce brighter lights.

These bulbs can also be connected to smart systems at home which will allow you to control when they are on and off, as well as being able to dim them. This can save power and create the right ambiance for any occasion.

Changing light bulbs is a straightforward task, the fittings can be kept, it’s just the bulb that needs to be replaced. However, it should be noted that new bulbs can be expensive. It’s worth checking to see if there are any local schemes to help with the cost of replacing all the bulbs in your home.

Improve Insulation

One of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient is to look at the insulation you currently have. Heating, or cooling a home is expensive. Part of this is because most of the heat you put into your home evaporates through the roof, windows, and other places.

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The better the insulation in your home the less heat will be lost and the lower your energy bills will be. It means you’ll be able to turn the heating thermostat down and still stay warm.

There are several schemes available that can help you with the cost of insulation. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to have it pumped into your walls or simply layered in a loft, more insulation will help you to save energy.

Smart Systems

It should be noted that many homes have smart systems fitted. These devices allow you to connect lights, alarm systems, heating, and other gadgets in your home. All the gadgets can be controlled by the smart system which you can access with the right password from anywhere in the world.


This allows you to check your house is secure, turn lights on to show that someone is home, or simply adjust the heating to ensure it’s comfortable when you get home. However, the smart system is only as good as its appliances.

While fitting a smart system is fun and perhaps beneficial, it’s more important to invest in newer, more energy-efficient, appliances. These will save you significantly more money than being able to turn the heating on and off from work.

Final Thoughts

As always, improving energy efficiency is a balancing act. The more efficient your house becomes the less it should cost you to run. But, it costs to install all the new appliances and energy-saving equipment.

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That’s why you need to consider where to start becoming more energy efficient. Alongside the above three things, you can simply look at your energy usage and cut back.

Turning lights off, reducing your heating by just one degree, and even making sure all the gaps in your home are sealed can make a big difference to your energy efficiency.

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