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Should I Repair My Appliances or Replace Them, and What Else Might be Needed? Part 3/3

Sometimes you want to replace your appliances to update your kitchen’s look. This doesn’t require replacing all the appliances…

Energy Savings

The Reason Your Clothes Dryer May Actually be Drying out Our World’s Hope for Sustainability

Do I miss the warmth, softness, and pleasant scent of my clothes? I certainly do not. In fact, these are not things you must forego when you decide to choose line over machine.

Laundry Room

12 Tips for Improving or Creating a Better Laundry Room

What are the 6 key things that are needed for a laundry room? And the 6 unique ways to improve your current laundry room.

Home Structure

How to Prepare Your Home For Fall

With Labor Day now past, homeowners will be turning their attention to prepping their houses for cooler weather. Winter prep is still one or two months away, but readying your home for fall has its own requirements.