How to Choose Lawn-Friendly Trees for Your Yard

How to Choose Lawn-Friendly Trees for Your Yard
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    Choosing the perfect tree for your yard might seem easier than it really is.

    Although we usually divide trees on evergreen and deciduous, tall and short, skinny and thick, we need to pay attention to numerous other characteristics.


Did you know that there are trees that could harm your entire lawn? Some of them require spending too much time, water and food, the others have huge surface roots that grow too close to the surface, making us stumble all the time, or develop overly thick branches that lessen the exposure of the lawn to the sun, preventing the grass to prosper. Instead of the trees that would ruin the harmony of your pretty little eco-system, you should select those trees that are easy to maintain and that will easily integrate into your entire landscape.

Here are some of them.


Did you know that Gingko is the oldest living tree on the Earth? Apart from being impressively resilient, this gorgeous tree is famous for its cosmetic and medical purposes. The bewildering broad, golden leaves of this deciduous tree in the fall will make you fall in love in it. When it comes to landscaping, Gingko is usually recommended as the perfect solution for your yard since it is urban pollution- and disease-resistant. However, since it’s pretty specific, you need to know how to grow a Ginkgo tree properly.

Chinese Pistache

Chinese Pistache is one of the most popular yard trees. This gorgeous, medium-sized deciduous tree is famous for its vibrant bright green, orange, yellow and red leaves. Female trees are also recognizable by their clusters of miniature red berries that will give even more flamboyant look to your yard. In a recent talk with the people behind Sydney-based firm specialized in tree services, I learned that Chinese Pistache is a durable tree, which tolerates various soils and prefers good drainage and infrequent watering. Its mature height is about 50 feet and its doesn’t develop large surface roots. All in all, it sounds like a perfect tree for every lawn.

Japanese Maple

Japanese maple is one of the most common solutions for every yard. We all love them because they are available in various types, sizes and colors. Their grace and orange, red and yellow leaves will leave your speechless. All you have to do is to choose the right one for your yard and to enjoy explosion of colors and elegance. Although it is quite sturdy, this tree might require a lot of water and a shade in warmer climate conditions.

Purple Robe Locust

This amazing, medium-size tree usually grows up to 40 feet in height and it’s renowned for its romantic clusters of beautiful purple leaves that appear in the spring. When it comes to landscaping, it doesn’t require a lot of attention, grows really quickly and can adjust to different types of soil.

Choosing an ideal tree for your yard isn’t that difficult at all. All you have to do is to pay attention to the characteristics of the trees you like and then to determine whether they’re appropriate for your yard. No matter how beautiful they are, some trees aren’t simply lawn-friendly. Choosing one of these dazzling easily-maintaining trees that won’t harm the rest of your vibrant eco-system, will help you spruce up your yard and elevate it both aesthetically and functionally.



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