Advantages and Disadvantages of a Floor Standing Aircon Unit

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Floor Standing Aircon Unit
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    You may or may not have heard of floor standing aircon units.

    As the name implies they are situated on the ground unlike the windowed aircon units.


Choosing Between Floor Standing aircon and Windowed aircon

Both of these types of heating and ventilation systems have different advantages and disadvantages when it comes to cost, convenience, and practicality.

What are the advantages of floor standing air conditioning units?


Floor standing aircon units are portable, which means they are meant to be moved from room to room. Unlike with windowed aircon units there are no installment service charges when doing this.

The main benefit for flexibility with portable aircon units is that they can be used in rooms without windows.


Portable aircon units also make excellent dehumidifiers for rooms thanks to a built in washable filtration system. And the routine clearing out of the water tank is lessened with the majority of condensed water being evaporated out with exhaust air.

Floor standing aircon units also come with a tray to collect all of the water drippings from the unit. Some units have a safety shut off system put in place to prevent floor flooding.

What are the disadvantages of portable aircon units?

Noiser than windowed units

With window units, most of the noise is sent outside the house. But with floor units this is not the case.

Water management system

There may be work involved with managing the water tray if you can’t stick the hose connected to the unit outside somehow. You would have to empty the tray every time it fills with water (on average every three hours)

Accommodating location

You may not be able to bring the unit closer to you in the room if you don’t have a place nearby to plug it in.

Also you may want to keep these floor units closer to a window anyway since you can just stick the hose outside the window instead of emptying out the water tray every few hours.

Other things to consider when choosing a floor standing aircon unit

Before you choose a floor standing unit, the first thing to know is that nearly all AC units need some ventilation. For a windowless air conditioner, dryer vents or a drop ceiling are common solutions for ventilation.


Make sure you avoid buying a heavy floor standing aircon unit (if you can’t transport it by yourself, it’s too heavy). A heavy unit will make it too much of a hassle moving it around the different rooms of your house.

Newer plastic models are easier to grip onto than the older metal models and are therefore easier to move around.

The most mobile units have wheels at the bottom; keep an eye out for these.


There is a wide price range, so you will be able to find something that does the job you need and that fits your budget.

Prices for these floor units usually go around $100-$500. Prices vary based on size and any extra functions or capabilities.

Now that you have read this guide you will have to decide for yourself if the benefits of floor standing air conditioning units outweigh the inconveniences they may potentially bring you.



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