5 Tips for Surviving Heater Failure

5 Tips for Surviving Heater Failure
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    It can be a really terrifying feeling when your heater goes out in the middle of winter.

    Whether it is a malfunction in the heater or a power outage, you are still left with the need to get warm.


If you take steps to prepare for this situation, a heater outage doesn’t have to be that bad. Here are five tips for surviving heater failure during the winter.

1. Make Sure Your Home Is Well Insulated

One of the keys to making a heater failure as comfortable as possible is to make sure that your home is well insulated. When your home has proper insulation, it will stay warm for a long time even after the heater goes out. Even if the heat is out for days, your home will stay warm enough to keep you from being miserable if it is properly insulated.

2. Call the Repair Company

If you heater has gone out, make sure that you call a repair company like Biggerstaff Plumbing Heating & Air as soon as possible. If you get ahold of a repair company right away, you should be able to get your heater repaired before your house gets too cold.

3. Layered Clothing

The key to staying warm in any cold weather situation is to wear layered clothing. Every layer you wear traps another pocket of air that your body heat will warm up to keep you protected from the chill. Wear some thermal underwear for a base layer, and then keep adding layers on top until you feel toasty. Don’t forget the hat and gloves as well.

4. Space Heaters

If your heater has malfunctioned, then having some space heaters on-hand can be a real lifesaver. These days, they are making space heaters that are more efficient and better performing than ever before. They also are much safer than they were in the past. Make sure that you always have at least one or two space heaters stored in your home in case your furnace breaks down.

5. Fireplaces

If you live in a home with a fireplace, you never have to worry about freezing when your heater goes out. Make sure that you always have a good supply of wood on-hand during the winter in case you need it. If you do not have a fireplace, you can install a wood burning stove to keep you warm instead.

Heater failure is never fun to experience, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. You can always stay warm if you take the proper precautions to prepare for your heater going out. Make sure that you follow this checklist to ensure that your home is prepared in the event that you lose heat.



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