10 Tips for Maintaining Your Home Furnace

10 Tips for Maintaining Your Home Furnace
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    With summer on the way, it’s the perfect time to do any necessary maintenance on your home furnace.

    It likely won’t be needed for several more months, so make sure to take care of any issues you might have now.


We spoke with home furnace experts from Spruce Grove about some ways to properly maintain this crucial home appliance. They gave us the following list:

Check Your Thermostat

The thermostat is the most frequently broken component of your home system. You’ll save money on with the cheaper cost of the thermostat replacement.

Check the pilot light.

If the pilot light is out, then you can’t ignite the furnace. This is a task you should check around the time you will need to use the furnace in order to ensure it will start when needed.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

Find the electrical circuit breaker control board and identify the breaker associated with your furnace. Make sure that there are no burn marks or loose wires around your breaker.

Vacuum out dust and debris.

Debris inside the furnace presents a fire hazard. You should try to vacuum the furnace once a month, and perhaps even more than that if it is constant use. In addition to preventing fire, keeping the interior of the furnace clean prevents the ‘burning’ smell commonly associated with first lighting it after a long summer.

Check the flame shield for corrosion.

Metal that has broken down over time doesn’t protect against heat as effectively as it should. Ensure the flame shield has not degraded; if it has, replace it with a model that is in better condition in order to reduce the risk of fire inside your home.

Ensure there are no gaps in the flue.

Breaks or penetrations in the flue line can allow sparks to come in contact with your home and pose a fire risk. Ensure the flue is secure, and make sure it has proper ventilation near the roof; this is best done before the furnace is lit, when enough time has passed that soot won’t obstruct your view.

Replace the air filter.

The air filter needs to be replaced around every thirty days, and perhaps more often than that if the furnace is in constant usage.

Lubricate the motor.

Using the proper type of lubricant, ensure all moving parts in the furnace are well lubricated so that it operates at maximum efficiency. This saves energy and money once the furnace is in use.

Check the fan belt.

Not all furnaces have a fan belt; however, those that do will need to be replaced eventually as the belt breaks down over time. Make sure to replace the belt if it is necessary.

How Old is your Furnace?

Furnace’s typically last 12-15 years. After that mark, the cost of repair on the appliance will cost less than buying a whole new home furnace all together. In addition, a new home furnace will have 15 years’ worth of improvement in energy efficiency technology. Take the time during the summer to make sure that everything in your home is in proper working order before the cold weather comes back.

Special thanks to Academy Mechanical Services Inc. from Spruce Grove and Edmonton for contributing professional information to this post.



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