Cool or Hot? How to Effectively Regulate Your Home’s Temperature

Cool or Hot? How to Effectively Regulate Your Home’s Temperature
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    Temperature is one element that determines comfort in a home.

    A house that is too hot or too cold can be unbearable to live in not to mention the health risks posed by a compromised air quality.


Besides making your place more hospitable, consistent temperatures will reduce the consumption of energy consequently saving you money.

Efficient Ductwork

Even the highest rated central heating and cooling system will have trouble regulating temperatures if the ducts in your home are not suitable. For one, ensure that the ductwork is properly sized. Ducts that are too large or too small will interfere with the airflow and make it difficult to heat or cool a room. Check the condition of the ducts for any leaks, poor connections, or clogging. Replace old ductwork and clean any debris that may have accumulated over time. Installing dampers and balancing the ductwork will also help them to supply cool or hot air as required.

Use Efficient Appliances

The kind of heating and cooling units you use around the house determine how well you can retain temperature consistency. When installing a new furnace and AC, insist on energy-efficient products. Some companies, like Seliga Heating and Cooling, realize that you should consider aspects like appliance size, heating or cooling capacity, and maintenance needs. Neglecting your HVAC system can compromise its ability to cool and heat your home so be strict about servicing and maintenance.

Get Energy Saving Window Treatments

Most people don’t think about the treatment of their windows, which is critical in regulating temperature. One cause of temperature instability in a home is due to the air that is lost through windows. Even when your cooling system is on, the cold air just escapes through the windows leading to partial cooling of spaces. Get window treatments that can retain heat when it’s cold and keep your home cool when temperatures rise. Wooden shutters, drapes, and blinds are suitable choices. Energy efficient glass windows are other viable solutions.

Smart Thermostats

Technology has provided homeowners with many options for regulating home temperature such as Wi-Fi controlled thermostats. Smart thermostats allow you to adjust temperature settings online. Some systems even connect to mobile apps and others are features in cars. With smart thermostats, you can program your heating and cooling system to come on at a particular time and maintain temperature levels.

The amount of work that an HVAC system has to put in depends on how well your home regulates temperature. Little things like improving airflow in the radiator, hanging cotton curtains, and insulating your home go a long way in maintaining temperature consistency.

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