Easy Solutions to 5 Maddening Household Problems

Easy Solutions to 5 Maddening Household Problems
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    General household problems can drive you insane. You often feel you’re dealing with them or cleaning up after them constantly and there is never enough time in the day to tackle them all.


Some of these tips and tricks will help you with those maddening household problems.


Dust can build up as fast as you clean it. Check your heating and air-conditioning system. Clean, change or replace all filters. Remove and clean all vents that circulate heat and air. After the vents are removed, use a vacuum clean and a brush attachment to vacuum the inside of the vents. During your cleaning routine, use non-static cleaning rags and disposable dusters to stop dust from returning or building up in the duster.

Pests and Rodents

Pests and rodents can become a nuisance, especially during seasons when the weather changes. For pests, a simple solution is to use bug foggers. Bug foggers can be found at almost any store, including home improvement and grocery stores. Bug foggers reach into cracks and crevasses where bugs hide and kill almost all pests. Bug foggers generally take about 4 hours. Several bug foggers are required, depending on the square footage of your home. The effects last for up to 2 months. For rodents, ensure your food is sealed and clean any crumbs off of floor and out of cabinets. Several ‘no touch’ rodent traps can also be used to trap rodents and easily dispose of them.

Leaky/Problematic Pipes

Even a slow leak from your pipes can cause damage or require you to clean up wet areas frequently where the pipe is leaking. Leaky pipes can be temporarily fixed with a few items from your local home improvement store. Turn off the water in your home and drain the pipes. Wipe the leak dry and seal the leak with the appropriate sealer for the pipe. Most types of pipes, with the exception of copper, can be sealed with an epoxy or cement used for PVC and CPVC pipes. After the sealant dries, cover it with a large piece of heavy rubber. Attach the rubber to the pipe using hose clamps.

High Heating/Air Conditioning Bills

As heating, cooling and electric energy prices continue to rise, heating and air conditioning bills can affect your household budget. Rather than turning your heat down or air conditioner up to an uncomfortable temperature, check your house for drafty areas around windows and doors. Seal any openings around the air conditioner. This can be done with foam, plastic or a window sealer. Use heavier curtains around drafty windows to keep heat and cold air in the house.

Strange Smells

Sometimes, you smell something bad and can’t find the source, especially in the kitchen. Even dust in your ventilation system can cause musty smells. There are several areas you can check and clean to stop the smells. The trash container often holds bad smells from trash bag leaks. After taking out the trash, simply wash the trash container with an antibacterial cleaner, rinse it out and let it dry before putting another trash bag in it. Clean your stove and oven. You can remove burners and drip pans to clean inside the top of your stove thoroughly. Also wash the removable burners and drip pans to remove burnt on or stuck on food. The inside of your stove can be a source for strange smells while you cook. Clean the inside of your stove using oven cleaner. Put a box of baking soda in your refrigerator and freezer to avoid food smells.

A little bit of work and very little money can easily fix basic household problems. These easy solutions can also help you save money over time and live in a cleaner, safer and more comfortable home.

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