3 Reasons to Repair or Replace Home Appliances

3 Reasons to Repair or Replace Home Appliances
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    One of the reasons people buy a home is to have their own appliances.

    They get to put in whatever they like, treat it however they please, and fix it when it breaks.


The latter part of the previous sentence is the biggest problem with owning a home; repairing or replacing home appliances. It’s a bummer, but very much a reality that needs to be dealt with at times. But is the best solution to repair or replace? Following are three reasons to do one or the other and why.

Not Hard to Repair It

Appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers have been in the home for decades. They’ve been tweaked, modified, and engineered to specific standards of reliability and repairability. That is, there’s nothing much new in terms of the mechanics in any home appliance. Refrigerators use a defroster/cooling/freezing arrangement, and washers and dryers are essentially large, circular baskets that spin via a belt and a motor with either water or hot air brought in.

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The relative simplicity of these appliances means that they’re not hard to repair. Unless the manufacturer went out of its way to make it difficult, that is. But for the most part, repair technicians are trained to handle a majority of brands and have the know-how to get the job done if the parts are available. When the technician lays out the cost to repair, it’s almost always cheaper to fix instead of replace. Plus, having a home warranty from a company like TotalProtect may help defray the cost of repair.

It Doesn’t Cost Much to Repair It

Sometimes appliances have plenty of replacement parts on the market because they were extremely popular at one point. Or the repair technician has been in business for a long time and keeps spare parts for just this purpose. Then there’s the possibility that the part that needs replacing is simple, like a belt, clamp, or O-ring.

It’s not uncommon for appliances to use interchangeable parts in the same brand. It happens frequently that one machine gets made for multiple brands, making it easy for a repairman to get the part. This translates into a low cost for repair which means saving the appliances makes a lot of sense.

It Can’t Be Repaired

It’s a fact that appliances have a specific lifespan. If they get too old, the potential for repair gets much lower. Sometimes the cause is the internal mechanisms wear through or the motor mounts rust out, making it almost impossible to fix. When this happens, there’s no salvaging the machine. It’s time to send it to the recycling heap and start fresh instead of fighting with an appliance that has no hope of repair.

Ultimately the decision to repair or replace is up to the homeowner. There are any number of reasons why to go with either option. Home warranties go a long way towards defraying costs and alleviating the burden on the wallet. The best bet is to talk it over with the repair technician to learn what the best option is.

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