Do It Yourself Disasters and How to Cover Up Common Mistakes

Do It Yourself Disasters and How to Cover Up Common Mistakes
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    Everyone would like to take care of their home projects themselves to save time and money, but no matter how much experience that you have, sometimes things just go wrong.


This is when you have to figure out how to fix or at least hide the error. Here are a few of the more common errors in do it yourself home improvement and what you can do about them.

Miscutting The Trim

You have replaced a door or window in your home, and it fits and works well. It’s time to trim around them. You measure for your cut, but when you hold the piece up where it’s supposed to go, it doesn’t fit. Perhaps you cut it a bit short, or accidentally reversed the miter direction. Either way, you need a new solution that doesn’t cost a lot of money. 

The answer is rosette blocks. These decorative square blocks are available in most of the same wood common in house trim. Instead of mitering the corners together, you simply strait cut the trim pieces and butt them to the blocks that are set at the corners. You should be able to cut your mistake piece of trim to a size that fits between the blocks and claim you always intended to use corner rosettes.

Forgot to Plan for Floor Shrinkage

You found a good deal on hardwood flooring and decided to install it yourself. You decided to save time and money by putting the flooring up to the existing baseboard. The seasons have turned, and now you notice a gap along the edge where the floor has shrunk with the changing moisture content. You need a simple solution that doesn’t involve ripping up your brand new floor.

This is a fairly easy one to hide. You will need to purchase some quarter round trim and stain or paint it to match the baseboard. Then all you have to do is nail it to the baseboard, covering the gap. According to Certified Flooring Installation, Inc. you should be able to get away with half inch quarter round trim. This is fairly small and won’t stand out in the room.

Mistakes happen all the time in DIY repairs. The secret when working on your project is to think about the easiest way to make the problem area unnoticeable. This can involve adding or changing the trim, moving the carpet transition further into a doorway, or something as simple as pulling a stove out half an inch. Every mistake can be fixed, and usually quite simply.



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