4 Big Kitchen Design Mistakes

4 Big Kitchen Design Mistakes
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    Kitchen’s are often the center of the home.

    A family may avoid a sitting room or den, but even their busiest days will see them going through the kitchen at least once.


It is also the one room in the house that sees the most purposeful activity. Bedrooms are for sleeping, lounges are for relaxing, but kitchens necessitate a lot of activity. So when designing a kitchen for a new home or performing a remodel, it is extra important to make sure the space lives up to its full potential. Avoiding the following four common design mistakes is a great start to making your kitchen work for you.

Inadequate storage

Storage is integral to the function of a kitchen. Food and preparation appliances needs to be readily accessible. One mistake often made is to install cabinets that stop short of the ceiling. Sure, they’re a great place to display a ceramic rooster, but they also tend to look cluttered, gather dust, and mostly just waste the space. Design and build cabinets that reach all the way up to the ceiling. If you’re worried about a claustrophobic, closed in feel, use clear or frosted glass doors to open the space.

Skimping on Quality

Purchase quality hardware. One of the biggest design mistakes is skimping on quality, and in a room that sees so much use, things will break much sooner. Rely on designers of Halifax kitchen cabinets designers who have a solid relationship with their hardware manufacturers, like Mike’s Country Kitchens & Woodworking. The headache that quality products will save you from in the long run is worth putting a few more dollars into solid cabinets and hardware.

Poor Lighting

For the same reasons you need a well-designed and sturdy kitchen, you need good lighting. Kitchens are for making, doing, reading, and moving. You need to be able to see the recipe book, find the right spices, measure accurately, and see what color the soup is turning. Poor lighting will be a constant hindrance to every kitchen activity there is. Make sure your work areas are well-lit.

Ignore the Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle is a concept not everyone is aware of. The kitchen triangle is the triangle made by connecting the refrigerator, sink, and stove. These are the points at which almost every kitchen activity will cross, and if they are awkwardly spaced, too far apart, or even too close, all kinds of mishaps can occur. The site suggests that the kitchen triangle’s sides should add up to be no less than 10 feet—to avoid colliding with multiple people working in the same kitchen at once—and no more than 25 feet.

Kitchen design can seem intimidating at first, but it’s worth the extra time and effort when you consider the grief you’ll save when using the kitchen day after day.



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