How to Maximize the Refrigerator’s Storage Space?

How to Maximize the Refrigerator’s Storage Space?
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    The kitchen is often considered as one of the most untidy places in a house.

    However, it is often the refrigerator that desperately needs cleaning and organization.


But do you know the key reason why many refrigerators get to this state of chaos? It is because people do not find the time to maximize the refrigerator storage space.

If you are having the same problems at home, then here is a short guide to help you organize everything you place inside your kitchen’s main attraction.

Find Time to Clean Your Fridge

The first thing you need to do before you can maximize your refrigerator storage space is to find time for the job. If you are too busy with work during weekdays, you may allot a few hours of your time on a Saturday or Sunday to clean your refrigerator and make sure to take out everything in it.

Once the fridge is all clean, it would be easier to begin maximizing its space.

Use Small Containers

No matter how large your refrigerator is, it may not be able to contain all the food, ingredients, and fruits you want to place inside, especially if you put them in a disorderly manner. In order to organize what you put inside the fridge, place them in separate small containers to save space. At the same time, it would also be easier to find whichever food or container you need.

Here are some examples of small containers that you can use for your refrigerator:

  • Pull-out drawers – If you measure the dimensions of your fridge, you will eventually find a pull-out drawer that you can place in one of its compartments.
  • Glass jars – You can place anything in these jars from vegetables to cooking ingredients. And because they are transparent, you don’t need to open them one by one to find the one you are looking for.
  • Suction clips – You can attach these on refrigerator’s walls, helping maximize storage even further.
  • Small cabinet drawers – Just look for any small drawer inside your cabinets that can fit inside the fridge.

There are other small containers that you can use to organize the goods you place inside the fridge. It would also be easy to find goods, ingredients, or food items that you need to take out.

Keep Fruits and Veggies Stacked Together

Both sliced and unsliced, fruits and vegetables can make a refrigerator messy-looking. In order to prevent bruises in fruits or vegetables, make sure you keep them in a container where they won’t roll or bump into each other. Aside from preventing spoilage of your goods, it would also save you more space.

Use the Refrigerator Door to Store the Most Used Items

Every refrigerator has a shelf behind the door and it’s the part that is easiest to access for both children and adults. That is why you should place all the popular items here such as bottled water, juice, cooking ingredients, cereals, baby food, and all other important goods.

This way, anyone who is looking for a box of milk would not need to slide open all the trays and containers of the refrigerator, saving time and keeping the fridge clean and organized.

Getting a High Quality Refrigerator

In case your refrigerator has been already several years old, and you want to get a trusty replacement, then you may want to check Samsung RF220NCTASR. Measuring 30 inches or 21.6 cubic feet, this refrigerator is powered by twin coolers. It packs a large capacity compartment, a pantry drawer and a gallon door storage to keep all of the goods you need in the kitchen. Samsung’s refrigerator is also a certified energy-efficient appliance to keep those electric bills down.



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