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Should I Repair My Appliances or Replace Them, and What Else Might be Needed? Part 1/3

Tweet A general rule of thumb is that when an appliance repair costs half the price of a new appliance, replace it instead of fixing it. Some guidelines say replace

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Five Reasons To Replace Your Old Appliances

They may not “make them like they used to,” but appliances can’t last forever. You’ve performed every possible repair and maintenance suggestion over the years, and now it’s time to trade up for a new unit.

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How to Maximize the Refrigerator’s Storage Space?

Tweet But do you know the key reason why many refrigerators get to this state of chaos? It is because people do not find the time to maximize the refrigerator

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Keeping It Small: Compact Appliances

Tweet Small units offer a big impact. Today, a variety of compact appliances have been developed, offering convenience and efficiency on a smaller footprint. Read on and we will look

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When to Buy Kitchen Appliances

Tweet How to find bargains on major appliances. Unless your major appliance breaks down and dies, you’re better off waiting until prices drop, trends that happen a few times each

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Apartment Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Tweet Working with a small kitchen area. If you own or rent an apartment or condominium, you may have a kitchen that is small, with a minimal work area and