Everything You Need to Know About Leaking Balconies and its Repair

Everything You Need to Know About Leaking Balconies and its Repair
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    Until and unless the balcony starts dripping badly, most homeowners do not pay much heed to a leaking balcony.


As they do not understand the impact of a leaking balcony, they do not think anything about balcony leak repairs as well. The fact is that the damage that is caused by a leak in the balcony is irreversible and has long lasting impact.

Leaking balconies not only damage the tiles or the surface of the balcony but also can damage the overall structure of the building as well. The walls and the ceilings will get discolored with the damp and will get damaged gradually which will weaken the structure as a whole. It can also cause electrical issues in the house. Above all, it is certainly a matter of great nuisance and should get repaired without any delay.

Causes of the leak:

Before you take up the task of leaking balcony repair, you need to understand the underlying cause of the leak. Without knowing the cause, you cannot fix any problem, and the same is true for repairing a leak balcony as well. The major reasons for leaking balcony are as follows:

  • The most important reason behind leaking balconies is the pores in tiles and the grouts. While porous tiles are probable manufacturing defects, the porous grouts are an outcome of sheer negligence of the mason who worked on the balcony.
  • Cracked or loose tiles are again a very important cause behind leaking balconies. These are again caused by the careless work of your mason during the construction of the building.
  • Cracks in joints also add up to the causes of a leaking balcony.
  • Improper application of waterproofing membrane which is supposed to form the uppermost layer of the balcony.

Find the best repair Professionals:

Now that you are aware of the reasons, it is time to understand that how you can carry out the task of balcony leak repairs. While you can do this all on your own as well, it is recommended that you get professional support in getting this done.

find a local, top-rated gutter contractors

Professionals would know the in and out of the problem, and they would have the expertise to repair the leak in the balcony effectively and efficiently. Another advantage of hiring professional leaking balcony repair companies is that they would not only repair the balcony but will also get a complete makeover done should you feel the need of it.

Before you hire a professional for the task of leaking balcony repair, you should check out their expertise in the field. You can ask questions like which products they would be using to take care of the leak in the balcony or what technology they would be using the same. Also, you can ask for customer testimonials from the balcony repair company so that you can get some firsthand experiences about the quality of work provided by them.

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No matter how good feedback you get from a particular company, do not forget to check out their quotation before giving them the assignment of repairing your leaked balcony. You would certainly not want to get any sudden shock in the form of the invoice bill that would be raised by the repair companies after the accomplishment of the task.



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