The Difference Between Country and Rustic Kitchens

The Difference Between Country and Rustic Kitchens
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    We all have different ways of expressing our personal taste through the way our home is decorated.

    Many people prefer to design a room specifically to their preference and the kitchen is often one of the main rooms we choose for this.


Your options for kitchen styles are unlimited; the sky is the limit. It’s all about creativity and imagination. You can find a wide variety of design ideas on the web but many are confused as to the difference between country and rustic kitchens. Now you can fully understand the difference and see which one suits your taste the most.


Country style kitchens can be defined by more early American design pieces. When you think of the word “country” you probably imagine farm animals. This is because when people decorate in a country style they often have a favorite farm animal that they base the design around. Roosters are popular themes for country style kitchens.

Rustic style kitchens can be defined as having a more regional American design. This includes using a more log cabin or lodge theme for the design. Such themes that are considered rustic style include Mexican, American Indian and Tuscan. The colors used specifically define a rustic kitchen.


Country style kitchens often have clean, warm colors and tones that make us think of the country when we enter. This includes hues of browns, reds, greens, yellows and white. Gingham pieces are often used in country kitchens and decorations can consist of pieces found in kitchens back in the day. Such pieces often seem to be more “distressed” but are actually intended to look this way. White cabinets often define a country style kitchen well.

Rustic style kitchens often consist of more colors and are typically darker in nature, depending on the tone. While most people go with darker colors for the overall color you can bring out the style with adding touches of color here and there throughout your kitchens. Most times this is accomplished by choosing the decorating pieces in complimentary, but brighter colors. Achieving a natural balance isn’t hard with rustic style kitchens. Darker wood colors with wrought-iron hardware further define a rustic style kitchen.


Country style kitchens, as mentioned above, often depict a farm animal throughout the design. This might be roosters or cows; you can find many kitchen accessories and décor items based solely on different farm animals. If you have a favorite farm animal you might consider decorating your kitchen with a country style. You can find canisters, jars, clocks, wall décor, and many more items specifically tailored to the country style.

Country style kitchens are often thought to be more feminine when compared to rustic style kitchens. In addition to being a more “farmhouse” type of kitchen whereas rustic kitchens are a sturdier “cabin-type” style.

The Look

Rustic country style kitchens typically have décor items consisting of wrought iron, worn woodwork and darker colors. Copper, pottery and natural material items are also used in this style. You can alter the style to suit your personal preferences in terms of which direction you want to go for the rustic look. Southern European style, Mexican style or Southwestern all fall in to the rustic style décor.

The two styles may seem very similar but in reality they are quite different. Both, however, offer unlimited options for making the style your own and many who choose these styles for their kitchens can find affordable décor items at second-hand stores, garage sales and flea markets. This makes it a preferred and affordable option for many homeowners.

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