Polished Concrete: A Durable, Green Solution

Polished Concrete: A Durable, Green Solution
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    There are very few options for flooring that are both attractive and low maintenance.

    Carpet shows foot traffic wear soon after installation, wooden floors are expensive and gouge easily, and tile is time consuming and can gather unsightly dirt in grout lines.


Polished concrete is an unexpected alternative that’s taking the interior design world by storm, offering an eco-friendly and long lasting solution that stands up to what daily wear dishes out. While some homeowners may be hesitant about considering this unique material for their flooring needs, most of the perceived negative attributes are actually eliminated in the polishing process.

There are many ways that polished concrete flooring improves upon the traditional concrete experience. Polished concrete is dense, and sealed by the polishing process. This means that dirt, water, oil, and other materials won’t permeate the surface the way they would on unfinished concrete. Polished concrete will not produce dust, typically found on unfinished concrete as the slab settles and forces particles up to the surface. Polished concrete also does not require additional sealing materials, stripping, or waxing, cutting down on maintenance costs normally associated with industrial-friendly flooring.

Wondering why you should choose polished concrete flooring for your own home or business projects?

Quick installation

When installing carpeting, hardwood floors, or tiling, you can expect the project to take awhile. Polished concrete does not have individual pieces to install, cutting back on both time and cost to get your new floors ready to enjoy sooner. When a renovation project places many demands on your schedule and wallet, using polished concrete allows you to focus on other facets of the project with time that would normally be devoted to inspecting tile or wooden planks. A polished concrete floor can set in a matter of hours, unlike time-consuming groutwork or masonry.

A Granite-Like Finish

Polished granite or marble is far outside of most renovation budgets, but polished concrete delivers the same beautiful high sheen for a fraction of the cost. The smooth surface provides a mirror-like shine that adds a beautiful touch to floors – owners are even known to keep their new floors free of area rugs to allow the unique shine to show. This polished finish reflects ambient lighting – both electrical and natural – and assists in illuminating the surrounding areas. This is the reason that many high-end hotels and casinos opt for polished concrete in their common areas.

Good For The Earth

With more emphasis being placed on designers to lean towards eco-friendly materials in their work, polished concrete has emerged as a clear favorite. Concrete doesn’t contain any environment-damaging volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that other flooring materials use. With no pollution or industrial slurry to worry about, polished concrete flooring doesn’t just look sharp, it’s ethically made as well. No waxes, sealants, or other polishes are needed due to the permanently smooth surface, cutting back on chemicals throughout the life of the floor.

Durability You Can Count On

With component flooring like tiling, linoleum, or carpeting, a wayward piece of furniture can permanently mar the surface and force the homeowner to live with an ugly scar underfoot. The natural durability of concrete is reinforced through the polishing process, preventing liquids and solvents from staining the surface and strengthening the floor as a whole. The overall feel of a polished concrete floor bends towards a "rustic modern" theme, ensuring that a rare chip – a very difficult accident to manage – will blend in beautifully instead of sticking out.

Customization Reigns Supreme

Concrete comes in far more forms than the drab grey found in city sidewalks. Options like colors, tints, shading, and even mosaic work add an extra layer of dimension that transforms ordinary concrete into a work of art that rivals far more expensive granite and marble flooring designs. If you’ve been holding off on researching concrete flooring in your home because you’re adverse to grey, there’s a whole new world of polished concrete flooring options out there to change your mind. Ask your flooring professional what colors and finishes they offer in polished concrete installations – you may be pleasantly surprised to learn they have the perfect hue for you.

Cleanup is Easy

The smooth, non-porous surface of polished concrete flooring can be swept and mopped with even more ease than wood or tile floors, which can actually impede dust collection in niches. No special chemicals are required to keep your new polished floor clean; applying a mix of simple floor soap and water with a mop will keep a sparkling shine ahead of every step. The floor produces no dust of its own, either, ensuring it’s as low maintenance as possible. If you’re tired of shampooing rugs or scrubbing grout, why not upgrade your floors with the secret that top hotels have been using for years? Polished concrete is easy to keep clean and beautiful.

Don’t let pre-concieved notions of concrete flooring prevent you from discovering the eco-friendly, durable, and affordable solution of polished concrete. Smooth, shiny, customizable, and easy to keep looking like new, installing a polished concrete floor just may be the best investment you’ll make when you’re renovating your home. Call your local flooring professional today and get a quote for a new polished concrete floor.

Alan Townsend is a maintenance supervisor for an industrial warehouse. He enjoys writing and blogging about building issues and solutions for various websites. To learn more about polished concrete, visit Quest Unlimited.



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