Security System, Worth It or Not?

Security System, Worth It or Not?
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    We all want to feel safe within our homes while we are there and trust that our families, pets and belongings remain safe while we are not.


The best way to do this is to install an alarm or security system, something you can research yourself on and figure out your options.

It’s natural that, as you do your research, you will start to question whether or not you actually need to have a security system in place. Here are the biggest reasons people choose not to install the systems.

#1 The Neighborhood is Safe

You did your research before you moved there. You know the neighborhood is safe, has a low crime rate and is patrolled by a neighborhood watch. The likelihood of something happening to your home or your family while you are in your home is very small.

#2 The Neighbors are Nosy

Your neighbors know more about your life than you do. They know everybody who lives on your block and are the sort of people who will call 9-1-1 as soon as they see someone they don’t know walking around (especially if you don’t tell them that you’re expecting guests). They’ll probably have the police on your porch before any intruder can decide whether or not to set foot in your yard.

#3 You Have Weapons and Can Defend Yourself

You don’t have a lot of stuff that you’d care about having stolen and you’ve got weapons and know how to use them in the event that someone breaks in. What’s the point of installing something expensive when you can do the defending yourself?

These are all good reasons to hesitate before going whole hog on an alarm system.  Still, there are more reasons to get one than there are not to get one.

For example:

#1 Intruders are More Skilled Than They Used to Be.

People who are likely to do a home invasion are getting smarter about it—especially in neighborhoods like yours. They will spend time getting to know the people who live there, their routines and how to get in and out without anybody seeing. They know how to thwart even the nosiest of neighbors.

#2 Home Security Systems are More Sophisticated Than They Used to Be.

Now a home security system will usually involve pressure sensors, motion sensors and video surveillance as well as the standard code box setup. Now if something trips a sensor, your alarm system will send an alert to your phone so that you can see exactly what is going on and can decide for yourself whether or not the authorities need to be called.

#3 Home Security Will Monitor More Than the Entrances to Your Home

A good home security system will also have detection sensors for things like carbon monoxide. They can be linked in to your power systems and appliances so that if you forget to turn the stove off, the system will do it for you.

#4 A Good System Can Start Small and Be Expanded Later

You don’t have to buy an extensive or expensive system outright. You can start with what you need and add as you go. For example, you might feel safe enough with simple automated door and window locks. That’s fine. You might simply want surveillance but no alarm. That’s okay too. There are so many options now; you can definitely find something to fit your needs and your budget.

The simple truth is that there are more reasons to buy and install a home security system than not. So maybe instead of talking yourself out of one, you should start talking yourself into one.



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