6 Upgrades for Your Home to Increase Privacy

6 Upgrades for Your Home to Increase Privacy
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    In an age where everyone's business is on public display, privacy is a cherished commodity.

    Unfortunately, it's not just technology that can keep you from having any semblance of privacy.


Living in a thriving neighborhood can also put your personal life on public display. If you want to safeguard your privacy and turn your home into your sanctuary away from prying eyes, here are six home upgrades you can make.

1. Curtains

It’s nice to look out the window, but the world can also look in on you. One thing you can do to enjoy the benefits of windows without worrying about intrusive eyes is to install a set of curtains. This way, you can have them open when you want to let a little light in, or close them when you want your privacy.

2. Frosted Windows

Although frosted windows aren’t the best option for living room or kitchen windows, they’re ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms, especially if they’re on the main floor of your home. These specially glazed windows allow ample sunlight in while still protecting your privacy. You can buy windows that are pre-frosted, but if you want to save some money, you can do it yourself with film applications.

3. Potted Plants

If you want a greater level of privacy on your deck, porch or patio, consider using potted plants. When arranged properly on railings or as hanging baskets, they can effectively prevent people from looking in. Plus, they have the added benefit of creating a visually appealing place to relax.

4. Privacy Fencing

Of course, one of the most popular methods of improving home privacy is to install a privacy fence. These are typically made from wood, are six or more feet tall and the boards are close enough together to keep people from peering through but can come in all different styles. Fences from Lynx Brand Fence Products (Alta) Ltd. are a great way to create a peaceful, private back yard and can even add value to your home.

5. Blinds

Curtains can help protect your privacy, but in some cases, they may not be enough on their own. Gaps and sheer fabrics can still allow outsiders to catch a glimpse into your home. If you want layered protection, consider adding a set of blinds to your windows. They’re relatively inexpensive, easy to open and close and have the added effect of keeping your home cooler in the summer.

6. Window Tint

Window tint is commonly used on vehicle windows to prevent unwanted attention, but did you know you can also use it on your home’s windows? Many tint films will reflect enough light to keep anyone from being able to see inside at all. In addition, they block the sun’s UV rays, helping to keep your home cool and preserving the integrity of your furniture.

Privacy is a growing issue for many people, and it’s becoming more important than ever to take steps to protect it. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to increase the privacy level of your home by trying these six easy upgrade.



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