Using Frames to Fill Up Negative Wall Space

Using Frames to Fill Up Negative Wall Space
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    These days, picture frames are not just for pictures.

    In the world of interior design, picture frames have become an artistic way to fill up negative wall space.


Using Frames to Fill Up Negative Wall Space

And you don’t have to be a world renowned interior designer to come up with new and fabulous ways to utilize picture frames on the bare walls in your own home.

Where to get the frames 

This is the fun part. The best way to get some really cool frames is to search any and everywhere for them. Modern and vintage frames can be found everywhere from your mother’s basement to a local garage sale. Have fun collecting as many fun and interesting frames as you can before deciding what to do with them in your home. 

Below are some ideas on how you can turn your picture frames into wall art in your home. 

Frame Artifacts 
Do you have any interesting artifacts on your walls? If so, decide if any of them would be accented further by having a picture frame surrounding it. It will give the effect of having a 3D picture on the wall. Of course you will need to select a frame large enough to comfortably fit on the outside of the mounted artifact. 

Frames Inside of Frames 
This is another cool idea that’s unique and not likely to be seen many other places. Take a bunch of frames in varying sizes and combine them in a way that creates one spectacular piece of art. Choose a wall, place the largest frame on the wall, next, place a smaller frame inside of that frame and continue to repeat until the smallest frame is placed on the wall inside all the others. Have fun with the colors if you want or keep them all in the same hue. You’ll be surprised at how chic the finished product will turn out to be. 

Sticker Frames 
If you don’t want to worry about putting extra holes in your walls by hanging up real frames, there is another option. You can use sticker frames as a replacement for the real thing and execute the ideas already discussed. These frames are typically made of vinyl and are easy to put on and pull of a wall. 
Hopefully after reading this, you’ll begin to see a whole new world of potential in what, to you, used to be just an ordinary picture frame.  



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