Make an Old Home Feel New Again With New Siding

Make an Old Home Feel New Again With New Siding
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    Brick, stone, and vinyl, oh my!

    These are just a few popular options for new siding.

    Replacing old siding can completely transform your home's style.


New siding also protects your home from weather damage and extreme temperatures, in addition to increasing its overall value. Here are a few popular siding options for making an old home feel new again.


Brick siding has been around for centuries and instantly gives your home a classic, wholesome look. This sturdy material is built to withstand the test of time and the worst weather Mother Nature has to offer. It’s also highly resistant to fire, rot, and insects.

Brick is available in a range of colors and styles, from colonial red brick to snowy white and earthy brown. These benefits do come with a price.

Brick is labor-intensive to install and isn’t cheap upfront, so buying and installing faux brick veneers may be cheaper and easier in the long run.

Imitation Wood

Imitation wood siding provides the warm look of wood siding and comes in a variety of colors, without the natural variation in grain or hue.

Unlike traditional wood siding, imitation wood requires no re-finishing over the course of its lifespan. Price can be a pain point for some homeowners because imitation wood is more expensive than other types of siding.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular, low-cost siding that’s known for its easy installation and maintenance. It comes in an appealing array of styles, colors, and textures. In fact, you can even find vinyl that imitates other types of siding, like wood and shingle.

Vinyl is lighter and less robust than aluminum or steel siding. Cold winter weather can cause it to crack, especially if it experiences a heavy impact. Improper installation can also result in vinyl buckling or warping.

Wood Siding

Sometimes making a home look new again is possible with a tried-and-true material like wood. Wood is one of the oldest and most popular styles of siding, and it’s no surprise, given its versatility.

Wood siding is easy to paint when you need a change, unlike vinyl and aluminum. Wood is unique among siding options in that it requires more maintenance than most. As an organic material, wood is susceptible to weather damage and rot. As a result, you’ll need to seal it periodically to protect it from damage.

stone veneer sidingstone

Faux Stone Siding

If you want to give your home some rustic charm, faux stone veneer siding may be for you. While real stone might give you an appealing look and be a little stronger, faux stone is much lighter, cheaper, and easier to install than real stone. However, you don’t want to go too cheap with the siding, as cheap stone veneers are painted, and the paint will deteriorate over time.

If you do decide to get faux stone siding, it’s best to get some help from a professional when installing. To avoid moisture issues, it’s important to install the faux stone siding properly, and a professional can help you make sure that it’s done right. Otherwise, you might experience some cracking when the temperatures get below freezing. However, faux stone siding can be a great, low-maintenance option for those who want a natural look at a cheaper price.

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New siding is an excellent way to make an old home feel brand new. From modernized aesthetics to better protection from wind and weather, new siding will completely enhance your home. Whether you hire a professional to do the job or do it yourself, your home can feel like new again.

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