4 Upcoming Trends in Home Improvement

4 Upcoming Trends in Home Improvement
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    What is hot in home improvement?

    That’s an easy question to answer: mostly any kind of renovation having to do with a home’s kitchen or bath, two of the most important areas in the home for renovation that adds value.


While kitchen and bath renovations are certainly worth your consideration, these rooms aren’t the only areas in your home, inside and out, which deserve your attention. Given that people are staying closer to home in the face of high gas prices and want to make the most of their homes, consider the following four upcoming trends in home improvement when making an update to your home. Hint: every trend has an entertainment component or bent.

1. Home Theater — Movie prices averaging $12 per ticket in some cities means that a family of four can spend $75 or more to take in a movie, snacks included. According to SayEducate, “While a big screen is helpful, it is the audio system which really sets a quality home theater system apart from the pact. Speakers, surround sound capable receiver, laser disc player, Dolby receivers and other important components make for a truly enjoyable home theater experience, one that your family will enjoy and your friends and neighbors will admire.”

2. Enclosed Decks — Decks are a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors, but are severely limited by weather and seasonal conditions. One cost effective way to extend the usefulness of a deck beyond warm days is to enclose the deck, either partially or fully. A temporary enclosure includes a sun shade which makes the hottest of summer days bearable. Some shades or enclosures can help retain heat on cooler days especially when an outdoor space heater is included. Extend your deck’s usefulness from 3 to 4 months a year to 6 to 8 months.

3. Green Living — This term is sometimes abused, encompassing products that aren’t especially environmentally friendly. Besides the most common things — new windows and doors — there are other ways people are getting more from their homes while saving energy. Water efficient sinks, toilets and showers are popular as are tankless water heaters. Recovering gray water is a trends that is catching steam, whereby water from the dishwasher and washing machine is diverted and sent to the garden instead of out to the sewer system.

4. Hybrid Rooms — Multi-purpose rooms have been in vogue for years, but the purposes have changed in recent years, especially as people want to bring the best of the outdoors inside. The use of color, organic materials and providing a more seamless layout between inside rooms and outside rooms is on the upswing. Sunrooms or Florida rooms are more popular than ever before, providing a way for homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without full exposure to insects or changing temperatures. Solar panels, ventilation with fans and energy efficient lighting all contribute to this sort of makeover.

As always, home improvement projects are conducted with an eye toward enhancing the home’s value. Care should be taken before considering any project with your personal desires weighed against the long term value of any update.



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