DIY Green Home? 4 Home Energy Efficiency Optimizations You Should Leave to the Pros

DIY Green Home? 4 Home Energy Efficiency Optimizations You Should Leave to the Pros
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    So you are looking to upgrade and optimize your home.

    You are especially looking to make it more energy-efficient.


You might be pretty handy and might be able to do a lot of the projects yourself and you might even reach your goal of making it more energy-efficient. After all, an energy-efficient home has a smaller carbon footprint. It also costs less to heat and cool a home that has been optimized for energy efficiency.

With all of that said, there may be some projects that you can’t do by yourself let alone at all. There are some projects that you want to consider strongly hiring a professional for help. When planning your next home improvement project, consider hiring professionals to do one or even all four of these energy-efficient improvements for your house.


If your home is under-insulated, getting more or new insulation can improve the structure’s energy efficiency. If you are unsure of how much insulation is present in your home’s attic or walls, an energy audit or inspection by the local gas or electricity company can provide you with the information.

Achieving the recommended R-value of insulation boosts indoor comfort and lowers heating and cooling costs. Some popular types of insulation include loose fill, foam, fiberglass batts and cellulose.

Heating and Air Conditioning System

When your furnace has reached the 25 year mark or your heat pump or air conditioner is more than 12 years old, it is time to consider a replacement. The newest heating and air conditioning systems offer a high level of energy efficiency. Look for equipment that is Energy Star rated. Choose a furnace with a high annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratio. Look for a heat pump or air conditioner with the highest seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) you can afford. These systems should be installed by professionals so the warranty is valid.

New Windows

Homes with old, leaky windows with frames made of warped wood or aluminum will see a great benefit from new windows. Consider a double or triple-paned window with a low-emissivity gas between the panes. These windows help to prevent unwanted air exchange with the outdoors. They also block the sun’s heat from getting in through the glass and heating up your house.

Companies such as Statewide Energy Solutions professionally install new windows in standard and custom sizes.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors Made Simple:

Green Roofing

A typical asphalt roof lasts for about 20 years. When your home needs a new roof, consider "green" roofing materials. A metal roof is infinitely recyclable and lasts for 50 years or longer with proper maintenance. Consider an actual living roof. These roofs can be used to grow grass or even vegetables while reducing heat absorption and rain water runoff.

Making your home energy-efficient is an investment, but you will get return on that investment as it will allow you save money on your monthly utility bills. Energy-efficient homes are more comfortable and may even have a higher resale value. Each of these four improvements is best left to experienced professionals who will do the installation correctly and guarantee their work.

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