How to Repair and Deal with Broken Doors and Windows in the Winter

How to Repair and Deal with Broken Doors and Windows in the Winter
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    As every home DIYer knows, the colder it gets, the harder it is to perform renovations work, especially outside.

    However, there are sometimes unavoidable times when you have to brave the cold to do necessary repairs, such as when a door or window breaks.


The wintertime may seem like one of the worst times of the year to deal with a broken window or door, especially since you may have to deal with uncomfortable weather conditions. Even on clear days, the cold air seeps in and cools down your home fast.

If you’re dealing with an unexpected broken door or window, here are some tips to keep your family warm while you get repairs underway.

Use Insulating Curtains

When you’re dealing with a broken window, it can allow cold air to seep in through the cracks. Insulating curtains can go a long way towards blocking out that cold air. If you don’t have insulating curtains, attempt to hang some heavy towels.

Use tape to cover up the crack to help stop some of the airflow. Merely having a heavy fabric as a barrier between your family and the crack can make a world of difference in how cold it feels.

Use Heavy Trash Bags

If a window shatters in the dead of winter, it can seem like the end of the world. We all know how quickly the cold air can escape inside when someone enters the front door. Now you have a window that is letting in that frigid air non-stop.

You’ll want to act quickly to keep your home relatively warm. Dispose of the shattered glass first. Then, you’ll want to use heavy trash bags around the window. If possible, use many bags on top of one another as a temporary fix until a window installer can get there.

Door Repair Tips

It’s not uncommon for the cold winter weather to wreak havoc on the windows and doors in your home. If you start to notice that your door is no longer shutting, it can be due to several factors. Usually, the door is no longer square in the entryway.

storm doorsstorm door handles

      some storm door ideas to consider      

Try retightening the hinges, and don’t be afraid to use shims behind the hinges to reposition your door. If that doesn’t work, you may need to look into replacement doors for your home.

Install Some Weatherstripping

If you’re noticing a large draft by your door or window, it could be a result of a worn-out weatherstrip. This is the foam-like material that sits just outside of your door and window to ensure there is no open space for a draft to come in. If the weatherstripping is rotted out and pushed down, it’s time to replace it.

other valuable tips:

No one wants to deal with a broken window or door in the wintertime. However, unexpected situations do come up and having a proper way to handle the situation is a must. By following these tactics above, you’ll be able to handle any broken door or window problem that comes your way this winter season.

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