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Rec Room

Combining Billiard and Tennis Tables: Maximum Fun for Minimum Space

Fortunately, a full room isn’t a requirement for adding a little recreation to a home. There are combination setups that provide two games in one, allowing for maximum fun while taking up a minimum of space.


6 Ideas for Your Basement

If you are looking to add extra space to your home, then consider remodeling your basement. The basement is no longer just the laundry room or storage area. There may be many reasons you may want to add additional space to your home.

Rec Room

5 Tips on How to Remodel a Recreation Room

To create the ideal home recreation room, the homeowner must clear out unnecessary clutter, create a budget, create separate areas in the room for separate activities, paint these separate areas different colors, and for the finishing touches add the ideal wall decor and lighting options.

Rec Room

Building a Home Recreation Room for Your Teenage Girl

Your teenage daughter needs a cool home recreation room where she can invite friends over and enjoy herself in private.